Thursday, March 30, 2006

First day at YWAM!

Today was my first day at YWAM. Quite glad I made it there cos was struggling quite a bit about whether or not to go....had a dream of my Mom last night again and this time I seemed to remember quite a lot of the dream.... details like her telling me that she has been trying to contact me but my handphone was off. Everytime I dream of Mom, its like she's always in pain and there's so much that I would be talking to her until suddenly I wake up. Don't know if I'm dealing with so many changes at the same time. ANd yet, I know that it might all be a spiritual attack since YWAM is going to be a huge committment with a lot of big things to happen......

Quite like my YWAM grp - a canadian, Korean/new zealander, american...youngest is 17 and oldest is 55....orientation today today nothing much. One thing that struck me though was how open the YWAM leaders are...... issues like struggles with pornography, being involved in gangsters.... everything, just sharing within the first session of getting to know the new ppl in the YWAM DTS.

My verses that the YWAM staff gave me were the one on trusting God with all your heart and lean not on your understanding, plus the one in 1 peter about the virtues of a Godly woman should not be on outward adornment but that of a gentle and quiet the words ~Believethat I can turn your sadness into dancing.... how appropriate is that~

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