Monday, July 03, 2017

Dear Gabriel - 4 years old

Dear Gabriel!

You, my sweet middle child, have turned the big 4! We decided to have a small celebration with family and Godparents because we're going to a have a proper huge children's party for you and your brother in August!

What can I say? Here are some firsts for your past year.

- You've completed one full year at kindergarten and you certainly look forward to going to school!

- You're so confident on your balancing bicycle these days and we think you will make the transition to the big boy's bike this summer!

- You've become more vocal and are able to express your emotions better compared to one year ago.

- You love being a big brother. On one hand, you can be so sweet to your little brother, Liam. On the other, you struggle with sharing your toys with him claiming that the toys only belong to you and Sam.

It's hard explaining to you that if Liam does not share toys with you, he won't have any toys to play with! But we're hoping that it's a question of time before you start to enjoy playing with Liam. Right now, you're going through the phase that you're so frustrated when Liam destroys your "stau" - German word for traffic jam. You still enjoy building traffic jams all over the house by lining up your toy cars really close together. You're so proud of your Staus and have proudly told Mummy, "Look Mummy! Look what I built for you!" "Oh yeah!!! I see you've build a huge, long traffic jam! Wow! How cool!"

You're very observant of your surroundings and you pay attention to how people feel. There's been a few times when we noticed that you would say, "Awww, is everything ok?" And you would put your protective arm around Liam. It's great seeing that older brother aspect of you developing.

One thing I realise you don't do anymore? - You don't crawl into my bed in the middle of the night anymore. I remember there was a time when we would complain everytime you did that, because it would mean that all of us would sleep badly (no space for all of us in one bed!) But now that you haven't done it in a long time, I suddenly feel a bit sad! Just a bit! Come over and join us in our bed every now and then ok? Lol.

We love you sweet one. We know that it's hard being the sandwiched kid. Neither the oldest, nor the youngest. Mummy was also a sandwiched kid. You'll be fine baby. You'll just have to figure out your role in the family. We believe with all our heart that God has placed you as a middle child for a reason and purpose. You'll develop skills and talents that you wouldn't have been able to otherwise.

We pray that you'll discover your own interests and be comfortable in your own skin, out of the shadow of your older brother. Sam will start school in Fall so you would have to go to kindergarten alone. That would be another transition for you. We know you'll feel sad about it, but we pray that it means that you would find friends of your own and build your own social circle outside that of your brother's.

We love you so much. We're sorry for the many times when we have fallen short. We pray that God will give us and you the grace as we continue on this parenting journey with you.

I need to say one more thing that happened today.

Mummy: Who destroyed my metal plate for steaming? .

You: Not me. I don't know

(Repeat conversation 1000 times. Same response)

Mummy: That's ok. Mummy forgives you. But God sees and Jesus sees. God knows who did it.

You: God cannot see. God doesn't have a phone! And he doesn't have a camera!

Mummy: (Does not know whether to laugh or continue with her stern face) Of course God knows. God is everywhere! He sees everything.

You: (thought for a while). Ok, I did a little bit. Sam did too.

That's how we communicate these days. You're really developing into a little teenager. It's so cute listening to you though!

All our love
Mummy & Daddy

Finally one photo where he's all by himself!

I love my family! Gabe requested for a strawberry cake!

He got some Lego and a water nerf gun!

Gabe's Godparents. He looks so proud to have his nerf gun!

A very manageable-size children party!

I made tomato bruschetta, fried Vietnamese nems and heated up some pizza bread

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