Sunday, June 18, 2017

Dear Liam - 14 months

My dear beloved Liam

You have hit your biggest milestone the past month.

You've started walking! Seriously, it's such a beautiful thing to witness you go from all-fours to only-twos! You've been so patient with yourself. You would observe how we walk and try to take your first few steps. And one day, when you were alone, you started walking!

I still remember the moment! I was pottering in the kitchen and I distinctly remember hearing the pitter-patter of your tiny feet! It sounded so different compared to your usual shuffling while crawling. I peeked out of the kitchen and saw that you were walking around the hallway!

It was such a beautiful moment! I cherished it in my heart, while resisting the urge to take the camera to capture it on a video. My baby has grown!

My sweet, gentle Liam has started developing a personality of his own!  You usually eat SO well. But somehow over the past few days, you have gone from food-lover to food-hater! Ahhh...

This has been sooo tough for all of us. Previously, you'd have no problems finishing one entire portion of seafood pasta on your own. But these days, we would barely be able to stuff 5 spoonfuls into your mouth. That would usually result in you crying until tears stream down your face, you tilting your head back to refuse the food, gag on whatever food is in your mouth and you spitting it out all over your clothes!

I don't know how often we've sat at the dining table trying literally everything to  make you swallow some food. We are totally clueless. :(

The good thing is that you continue to eat your bread for breakfast and your baby cereals for dinner. But lunchtime is a huge pandora box now.

Eating aside, you're still the happy-go-lucky baby. We're so thankful that summer is finally here. We would go cycling over the fields quite often and you would sit behind me and kick my back with your chubby legs. I'm still hoping that we would get to pluck some strawberries before the season is over! I've not gone strawberry plucking with a 14-month old yet, so we'll see!

Mummy has become more confident bringing all 3 of you out on my own. Our latest visit to Sonnenhof was sooo amazing! All 3 of you cooperated really well, the weather was sunny but not humid and we all managed to enjoy a beautiful day outdoors!

You've started saying "Mama" and understand the words "lean" and "up". That's what I tell you whenever I'd like you to lean on my shoulder, which you still love to do! You've also developed a penchant for your brothers' cars and it's so great that we have SO many cars anyway!

Although my blog posts are getting so infrequent, I'm still taking many photos and videos of your growing-up journey on my Instagram! We love you our sweet little 3rd boy! You're such an wonderful addition to our family! We pray that you'll experience the love of Christ in your life at a young age and you'll learn to hear God's voice!

Mummy & Daddy

Love how Gabriel was so loving to Liam here!

My 3 Tews boys

Having his first picnic with his fellow friend, M!

How cute is this?

Enjoying their farm ride
This is what I look like with my kids!
That tortured look when it comes to eating

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