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Dear Liam - 11 months old

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Dear Liam

My youngest baby! You're only 1 month shy of your first birthday and yet this is unfortunately only your 3rd update! I'm so sorry!

Mummy is enjoying every moment of your growing up phase and I'm so thankful that I can continue to stay at home to be your primary caregiver! God has given Daddy a very good job, so that Mummy can focus on you! When your two brothers go to kindergarten, you and I spend leisurely mornings together over breakfast and you watch me clear the dishwasher.

Since this year, Mummy has started an online business with ItWorks and it has been such a wonderful adventure! Mummy gets to earn an income while doing what she loves - blogging, Instagramming and Facebooking! That's also the fun thing of having 3 lovely boys to write and post photos about! You guys fill my days with your endless antiques and it's been so fun being able to document all your milestones! And to be able to earn an income while doing so? That's double the bonus!

You're into your last month before hitting toddlerhood. Oh boy. It's so bittersweet to document your growth. Can you please remain my baby forever? Here are all your milestones over the past few months!

  • Going on your first plane ride to Singapore and back to Germany! You were such a trooper! Really. You slept most of the flight and woke up only to look around. Even on the flight home when you were running a high fever, you didn't scream the plane down. You were listless and feverish, but other than that, still such a manageable baby. We're so proud of you!

  • You went on your maiden trip to Singapore and Thailand! Your family and friends in Singapore were so excited to see you and you were such a dream baby to be out and about with! You napped on the go, ate pretty well and perspired like the world champion! You've got your Daddy's genes for cold weather!

  • Developing your first two teeth! Your teeth looked like it was going to protrude for the longest time and they finally showed their first appearance in Singapore! You look so cute with 2 bunny teeth! As usual, we didn't expect much saga from you and true enough, we hardly noticed any change in your behaviour when you were going through the notorious teething phase

  • Started crawling properly! You were commando crawling for many months before you started realizing that you could push yourself up on your hands and knees. And since then, there's no holding you back! Now, you would easily crawl to me, pull yourself up against my legs and beg to be held. Or better still, you would attempt to stand on your own, while trying to support your weight on my legs. It's so bittersweet to see you go from 4-legged to 2-legged. Please do stay my baby longer young one!

  • Started waving! This is seriously the cutest thing you've done so far. You would look at yourself in the mirror and wave by clutching your fist and opening it. You would be so fascinated by your ability to do this that you would stare at it on end. I so need to catch this on video!

  • You got your first haircut! Oh let's put it this way. Daddy gave you your first hair shave! Oh boy, if only Mummy had known how short it would get, I would have brought you to a hairdresser instead! Lol!

  • You have gotten SO loud! Since you're unable to communicate, the only way you can express your hunger is to practise your vocal chords! And practise you do! Sometimes Daddy call you "Gabriel" since your loud cries sound very much like that of your second older brother!

When we were on holiday, there were so many people who thought you were a girl! We think it might be due to your long hair and / or your big eyes / the fact that we have 2 older boys so people automatically assume our 3rd child is a girl. In any case, you're our handsome little BOY!

We love you to bits. Thanks for being such an easy-going, relaxed and chilled baby. We really appreciate you being the calm one when your two older brothers create havoc around the house! We can't imagine life without you.

Kisses and more kisses
Mummy & Daddy

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