Friday, March 31, 2017

Dear Liam - 1 year old!

My dear precious beloved baby of the family

You have officially entered into toddlerhood. Why do I feel so sad typing this? I think its because you might very well be my last baby and today might be the very last 1st birthday party we'll ever celebrate!

We had such a cozy family affair. Only your grandparents, your Aunt and your cousin came for your party. You got 2 presents, a cute little musical car and a Cars cutlery set from WMF. We had home-baked New York cheesecake for tea and salmon teriyaki with Mediterranean rice for dinner (recipe here).

In comparison to the huge fancy-schmancy party we had for your oldest brother Samuel, yours was really a very relaxing and meaningful celebration.

I think the more children we have, the less we are able to organise the huge kids' birthday parties. But honestly, it's all good! We all treasure the memories and you won't be able to remember your first birthday party anyway!

It was so relaxing that we could sing your birthday song, take some photos, cut your cake and you went down for your nap! For two hours! While you slept, your grandparents and us hung out on the balcony and talked! It felt like the weekend on a Thursday.

When you woke up, we opened your presents, had dinner and you absolutely loved Mummy's teriyaki salmon! So proud of you!

You've started walking with the toddler walker! You're able to get down from the sofa by yourself. You love to express your wishes by going "uh uh!" and you've started to resist your brother's strong clutches whenever they try to grab away your toys. Your favourite fruit is orange. You can finish one whole orange by yourself! You learnt how to suck through a straw the past week! Grandma says that you're skipping all the milestones and just doing the big-boy stuff. No sippy cups, just proper cups for you.

We love you baby Liam. Mummy's never going to stop you calling "baby". Grow well little one. We pray that you'll know the Lord at a young age and you'll be a true disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ. We're so blessed by your sweet and gentle nature. We pray that you'll always retain that childhood innocence that is such a gift!

Mummy & Daddy

You were about 10 days old

Look at how small you were!

Latest family portrait!

 I love my family of 4 boys!

Sam insisted on making a smiley face with grapes!
That's all the presents we had! Just enough for a 1-year old!

Chilling on the balcony with lovely warm weather and his music toy car!

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