Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Taken 210-metres above ground level, in the Berlin TV tower

We're back from Berlin! It was a very good break - as good a break as can be with 2 young kids (ie. not super relaxing, but still a very good family bonding time). I've got a ton of photos to sort out but before I do so, I wanna commemorate Father's day.

We're so blessed with such a hands-on father. He may have pretty tough working hours but that doesn't stop him from wanting to spend time with the family. He changes diapers, brings Sammy to bed everyday, plays with them, feeds them, reads to them and basically does everything a parent does with his / her kids.

He encourages me when I'm feeling down and he shares my belief in being a stay-at-home Mom for our kids. He loves the kids dearly and it's easy to see how fond the kids are of him.

On weekends, hubby usually takes the kids in the morning so Mummy enjoys a sleep-in. And oh boy, am I ever so grateful and thankful for that! He takes a nap with the kids during which I usually cook lunch. 

I candidly asked Sammy yesterday if he loves Daddy or Mummy more.

(Warning: Baddd question to ask a 2-year old!)

Without thinking, he said "Daddy more!"


Competition aside, I'm very glad that I found the right man to be on the same team as me. He's as great a Dad as I had always pictured him to be and I know the boys have a great role model in their Dad.

Happy Father's day my dear! We love and appreciate you for everything you do for us!

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