Saturday, May 24, 2014

New on Instagram


In my bid to be more connected, especially seeing that I don't get to blog as regulary as I would want to, I have started an Instagram account!

I do update photos of our regular life there more often than on my blog (unfortunately). But yeah, please do follow me on Instagram if you have an Instagram account and drop me a comment too so I know who you are!

At the moment, I'm following a grand total of 38 instagram accounts, very little I know! That's because I simply have no idea which of my friends have an Instagram account and other than a few exceptions, I don't follow accounts of people whom I completely don't know.

So there you have it! Just click on the icon above or the one on the sidebar on the right to get to my instagram account. Either that or you can find me under "prissteph" - Heehee. No brainer I know!


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