Monday, September 02, 2013

Dear Gabriel - 2 months old

My blog has been in a slumber lately.

I've had to focus on caring for my two bubs while falling sick over the weekend with a stomach flu virus that rendered me and hubby missing in action for a while. 

And just like that, in a blink of an eye, my little one has turned 2 months old!

Sammy is going to celebrate his 2nd birthday this coming Thursday too. Time seriously does zoom by!

Without further ado, I shall proceed to one of my mushy Mummy love letters for Gabriel.


Dear Gabriel

You have turned 2 months old!

With this milestone, you have started dishing out smiles at us *heart melt*.

Unlike your older brother who basically smiled at anybody and everybody who made eye contact with him, you're more particular about who you lavish your smiles at.

Papa hasn't even had the honor of witnessing one of those rare moments when you decide to exercise your mouth muscles.

Your personality continues to be pretty fiery. Whenever you wake up at night to nurse, Mummy would try to insert the pacifer in your mouth in the hope of tricking you back to sleep.

But you're simply too smart to mistake that for the boob. You would suck it for less than a second and spit it out immediately. Once though, when Mummy was too tired to nurse you immediately, you managed to cry yourself back to slumber.

You're becoming more alert and awake these days. In the past you would sleep for hours on end, but now it's becoming more challenging to put you down for your nap when your older brother naps too. Mummy's gonna persevere at that though! I need my 2-hours break!

You enjoy being carried in an upright position and would scream murder if you were held in any other position. Like your brother, you enjoy taking in all the sights, sounds and smells of the environment around you.

Mummy would so love to bring you out to the city more often if I were adventurous enough. But for now, our little town is a nice sanctuary where we go on little outings to the supermarket and/or park. 

Love this nursing shot with my baby
You continue to nurse every 3 hours and simply enjoy nibbling on the boob. Although last night you did manage a 6-hour stretch! :) Long live those long stretches!

Recently, Mummy went on a women night out and Daddy tried to give you the bottle. You screamed so much that Daddy literally had to force-feed you for one entire hour before you finished the milk.

Oh sweetie, we hope that this is not the start of bottle rejection. In any case, we're going to continue giving you the bottle at least once a week, cos Mummy would like some flexibility in having someone else feed you.

At 8 weeks old, you're wearing a size 62 now (meant for 3-6months). We have packed away the newborn clothes and already felt a tinge of nostalgia! My boys seem to grow wayyy too fast for us to use size 50-56 (newborn size) for long.

You have started cooing and making all those sweet baby sounds.

We look forward to the time when you can play with your Gor Gor, but for now we're going to continue enjoying your baby smell and nom-ing on your chunky thighs.

Mama and Papa

Finger-licking good!

Check out who's boss!

Your beautiful godparents

Our first time at a wedding as a family of 4

Snuggly sleeply bear

Your smiles!

Your protective big brother

With my brother I can conquer the world!

Hanging out with your Opa

First smiley shot of you with your Gor Gor

Our lovely neighbours and friends


Bern said...

omg you're right...his smiles r so precious! and infectious! u just cant help but smile along with him as well.

Pris said...

Bern - Yah right! I keep trying to make his smile cos his smiles are still so rare! Hope this changes in the course of time.

Gcroft said...

Aawww, bless his little cotton socks! They do grow up too quickly, don't they. #Precious photos.

Pris said...

Gcroft - Wow, you are so observant! I had to re-look at my photos to see which one(s) he wore cotton socks in! Haven't worn him cotton socks very often in summer. Am sooo gonna miss summer when its over! Why do good things have to come to an end??

Belinda said...

Super cute. Precious smiley pics of your boys, Pris!


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