Monday, June 17, 2013

Nesting process almost complete!

Guess what?

Baby is full-term! 37 weeks!

That means, my baby won't be born premature. He's still happily inside, kicking and jabbing me with his limbs, but nothing too painful.

I've been in the nesting phase for the past few weeks. It's quite crazy. It's like I want everything to be just in the right place before the arrival of our second prince. Also cos I know what life with a newborn is like, it makes sense to do the stuff I want to do now before my life turns upside-down again.

To give you an idea of how crazy my nesting has been, here's what we've done.

- Completely cleared up Sammy's room

We only have 2 bedrooms in our house, such that Sammy and baby #2 would have to share rooms eventually. As such, we decided to set up baby's cot in Sammy's room as well. But in order to do so, we had to create some space by emptying a huge book shelf of our books / belongings. We spent one whole afternoon discarding what we don't need and storing those we did in boxes in the basement.

The current plan is that baby #2 would co-sleep with us in a baby basinette at the beginning, cos I don't want Sammy waking up from baby's middle-of-the-night feedings. When baby sleeps through the night, I would transit him to Sammy's room and see how it goes with Sammy. 

- Spring-cleaning the house

This task has been made easier by the arrival of our cleaning lady. Each time she comes, I just feel sooo blessed and privileged that we've found someone who does such an amazing job! Recently, she thoroughly cleaned our oven and I can't stop opening and closing the oven to admire how clean it is / how I can actually see what's baking inside!

All our windows have been cleaned, just in time for summer when the sun shines through them. My cleaning lady even asked me when baby's due date is. To which I replied "in 3 weeks' time". And she said, "We'll get the house spick and span in those 3 weeks ok?"

Those words sounded like music to my ears! It was sooo good having a cleaning lady, who herself is a grandma to 2 grandchildren, and who somehow knows what a preggy lady needs!

- Clearing our balcony, buying balcony furniture and creating a cosy corner in our house!

Hubby and I have never really been balcony people. I guess growing up in Singapore, I never developed the habit of lounging on the balcony cos it was simply too warm and humid for any outdoor enjoyment. And back in Germany, we never really got down to sitting on the balcony because we just didn't have any nice balcony furniture.

BUT, we were in Ikea the other day (to get more boxes and miscellaneous baby stuff) when I decided that I simply needed to sit down. That's when I came across this entire balcony set going for 150€ instead of the usual 250€. I decided there and then that we simply had to get this because it was exactly what I always envisioned our balcony to look like!

I figured that since our balcony faces a private garden, I could even nurse baby #2 in the comforts of my PJs on my balcony! And I got the whole of summer to enjoy my balcony since baby would be a late June / early July baby. :)

This is also such a far cry from what our balcony used to look like. It was previously only used to hang clothes to dry / store unwanted furniture before we got rid of it. And now, it's my favourite place in my apartment! Woo hoo!

Looks nice enough to sit on the balcony all day, everyday right?

 - Updated my recipe book again

Before Sammy was born, I printed all the recipes that I've ever used and filed them up. Since then, I have only blogged about new recipes without printing them out. Hence, I'm proud to announce that my recipe book has since been updated and new recipes have joined the T. family cookbook.

Now it's time for me to sit back, relax and wait for baby #2 to come. :)

If you've been / are pregnant, have you gone through the nesting phase? What was your nesting phase like? 

Hanging out at the park over the sunny weekend
My two boys


Kiss a Cup of Latte said...

Pris, you are looking good! And baby #2 is coming out sooo soon. Love your new balcony too - I always love outdoor furniture. Praying for a smooth delivery for you! :)

elainegan said...

ahh bliss, the balcony chillax view of lush greens! Yes I can stay out all day :)
Can't wait to see baby pics soon!

Pris said...

Andrea - Thanks dear! :)Time does fly so quickly!!! Thanks for your prayers dear! Really appreciated!

Pris said...

Elaine - Yah its true right? As I said, I can't believe that it took me SOOO long to use my balcony! But better late than never! Yah... I can't wait to start posting photos of baby #2 and comparing with Sammy!

Anonymous said...

Me too, liked the balcony setting..just liked old days..sitting and enjoying breakfast at the 10th floor balcony of Green Meadows, overlooking the forested area in the cool misty mornings...

Bern said...

You have to call me when u r in labour ok!!!!!!!

Pris said...

Anonymous(Dad) - I remember that balcony! There was a great view with clouds too sometimes! That apartment was pretty windy too. But your house now is nicer and bigger! AND more central too!

Pris said...

Bern - Hah, I don't know if I'd be capable of making phone calls when I'm in labour! Will definitely whatsapp for some prayer support though! :)

Room to Think said...

Hello! I've been MIA for so long! Congratulations on Number 2! Yay to another baby Tews! Looking great Pris and I'll be sure to try out your recipes :) Fab and I have just bought a house so looking forward to settling in and making it our own. No baby Then on the horizon yet but God's promises will hold true. Will stop by after the madness which will be the month of July for us to see if there are baby pics :) Hee...big hugs! Jos

Pris said...

Hey Jos!

WELCOME back! I was already wondering what happened to you and just figured out that you might want a break. And I was right!

Wow, you bought a place of your own??? Are you going to share photos of your place? We also got our own place but will only move early 2014.

Thanks for your congratulatory wishes!!! We can't wait for baby #2 to make his appearance too!


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