Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dear Sammy - 1.5 years!

Your three different expressions - smiley, poutey and stern

Dear Sammy

You've turned 1.5 years already! I can't believe that in barely 6 months' time, we would be celebrating your 2nd birthday! Why does time seem to be spinning at an increasingly faster rate?

The past month has been really tough for you and the whole family as a matter of fact. You caught the stomach flu that resulted in you having massive diarrhoea and one puking episode. However, you were on the mend after just one day, but Mummy & Daddy took turns to fall sick.

After one full week of recovery, your diarrhoea came back with a vengeance and this time, you also had a swollen bum. It was the first time that Mummy experienced you crying out of pain, as you grabbed your bum whenever you pooed.

Swollen bum lasted about 2-3 days, but diarrhoea continued. One week in, you developed a stuffy nose and bad chesty cough on top of it. That meant that your little body was fighting both the stomach virus as well as a flu virus. No wonder you felt poorly and kept waking up at night coughing your lungs out!

Your stomach bug is finally gone - for good and Mummy's sooo thankful!!! Your appetite has also started coming back so that's a great sign too.

One thing that I must say about you though.

You're a real fighter!

Even though you felt absolutely horrible, you never threw a tantrum nor became uncontrollable. You cried and whined like any normal person would, but you remained a poor little puppy who wanted to be cuddled rather than changed to a little monster. *phew*

You continue to be pretty athletic - your latest conquest being able to climb onto your high chair all by yourself, including putting one foot through the hole between the chair and the table. That was when you got stuck and started crying for our attention!

Your oral vocabulary continues to remain at the grand official word of "Pa Pa". Mummy's trying to remain chill about it because everybody tells me that once a kid starts talking, one wishes that (s)he would talk less.

There were some random things that you did in the past month that totally melted our hearts.

- Mummy took a quick shower once and closed the door to the bathroom while you were outside playing. I sorta expected you to cry for the entire time that I was showering, but you didn't make any noise!

When I came out, I found you just sitting on the floor staring at the door, doing nothing but waiting for me! Mummy would have teared if it weren't for the fact that we were in a  hurry to get somewhere.

- Mummy fed you dinner and gave you a shower. After which, instead of putting you straight to bed, she pottered around the kitchen, trying to clear the dishes while waiting for Daddy to come home so that you could spend some time with Daddy before heading to bed.

While doing so, I actually saw you sitting on the bed with the Bible bedtime storybook in your hand, eagerly waiting for me to read you a story before you slept!

Ohhh man, this was seriously one of those parenting moments that makes everything all worth it!

You understand a lot of what we're saying these days. Mummy would tell you to get your shoes and you would enthusiastically walk to your bedroom, get your favourite shoes by the window sill and pass them to me. The same thing would happen when Mummy tells you to put your shoes back.

So nice! Soon you'd be able to make Mummy a cup of tea while I lift up my feet! *haha* 

We look forward to bringing you to Singapore in 2.5 weeks where you'd get to know Mummy's homeland! We sure you'd do just great in hot and humid weather and hopefully your mean cough would disappear!

Mummy's feeling very nostalgic about having limited one-on-one time with you since you'd have a sibling come summer. Sounds so cliche, but everyday spent with you is absolutely wonderful! But we know that you'd make an amazing big brother and that God will miraculously expand our hearts to love two children, without loving you any less.

May the Lord continue to hold your precious heart in His hand and may you learn to love Him. He loves you so much and so do we!

Mummy & Daddy 

First time on a borrowed snow sled. You sorta had a love-hate relationship with it and Daddy had to carry you half the time.

You still fit into the laundry bin. Soon you'd be too big to do so!

Brought you to the playground on a sunny day. But it was still freeezing!

That's how much snow we've been having!

At the indoor winter playground when you got over your illness

At the paediatrician, where you were still trying to be sunshiney although you were sick!

First few photos with your new hairstyle

Tante Tina took this photo of us and I love it!!! You're actually smiling at the camera here!


Bern said...

it's so great that even when he's sick, he's still such a sweetheart and well-behaved little boy. oh my, he's growing up so fast! can't wait to see u all in sg!

Pris said...

Bern - Yah, he's really got a mild temper and I can't take any credit for it. Definitely takes after Stephan in terms of that. LOL. Yah, 2.5 more weeks! I can't wait! :)

elainegan said...

Oh dear, hugs to sammy. Phew to know he's doing much better and have been a champ through it all! He's looking like a young man in these recent pics :)

Pris said...

Elaine - Thanks! I'm v. thankful that Sammy is feeling much better too. You also think he does look like a young man! Me too! I think his looks are just becoming more toddler-like!

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Pris said...

Anonymous - Yes I have LOTS of spam recently. I wasn't even sure if your comment was yet another spam message! Anyway, I haven't found a solution to it yet. If you find any solution that works, please let me know too!


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