Saturday, January 12, 2013

My P- party to usher in the 30s!

I'm 30! (Ok, I've been since Dec 16th last year but this is a backlog)

Yup, I'm finally ready to embrace the fact that I'm 3 decades old!

You know how when you're in your early 20s, you think turning the big 3-0 feels like an eternity away? And suddenly you find a guy, get married, relocate to a country halfway across the world, make a baby and WHAM. You're 30.

I'm not sure if its a woman thing, but guys don't seem to have a problem being older. I guess the older a guy is, the more attractive he is to the opposite sex. Don't believe me?

Think Sean Connery. Oh what about George Clooney?

But for a woman, someone once she turns 30, she needs to take extra care of her skin to prevent wrinkles. I remember a SKII sales consultant telling me that a woman should start using anti-ageing cream when she turns 22.

22!!! I mean, that's barely 1 year after I graduated and was barely making ends meet, what with having to pay back my student loans and being financially-independent.

For the uninitiated, SKII is a leading Asian brand of cosmetics that specialises in anti-ageing products. Oh and the prices are ridiculous.

Well, back to turning 30, I decided to organise myself a "P"-party. That meant that my guests had to come dressed in a costume beginning with the letter "P". I got the idea from a "T"-party that I had to attend once while on exchange in Canada and people came dressed in anything ranging from Taliban to Tourist to Tinker Bell.

Truth be told, I was a bit apprehensive that nobody would come dressed to the theme as this was the first time that I organised a costume party. But I simply had to do something out of the ordinary cos this was after all a 30th birthday party.

We also toyed with the idea of having dinner at a restaurant but decided against it when I thought of how Sammy might not last through the dinner without creating a fuss. Hence, we stayed home and decided on a potluck dinner. Very low key but with the extra element of surprise of seeing what our guests would be dressed up in.

Guess what? Everybody came dressed up! I'm just going to let the photos do the talking and to make it more interesting for you, I'm going to number the photos and you can guess what costume it is. Answers are at the bottom of the post.
Pix 1: They won the best-dressed award. Can you guess who they are?

Part of the buffet spread. I got too busy mingling with my guests to take more food shots!
Love my new dangling lights from Ikea. Sure brightens up dark gloomy wintery days!
T. family meet H. family. And believe it or not, he's NOT German but American
Photo #2. Make a guess?
Photo #3. This should be easy!
Photo #4 Similar colours but not the same costume
My lovely friends from church!
Only couple shot for the night
Photo #5 Guess?
Photo #6 With the in-laws
Photo #7 She works for Lufthansa
Photo #8 It's a flower - in German
Photo #9
The two babies of the party who had a swell of a time!
A random shot of a smiling baby on his changing table

Sammy enjoyed the company of everyone and stayed up till late to make full use of every minute. I got quite a lot of pretty cool presents and am so thankful for everybody who took the time and effort to play dress up and usher in the 30s with me.

I'm thankful to God for the past 30 years of my life.

As I look back at how God orchestrated my steps, I'm more determined to focus my eyes on Him and give Him more room in my life. I'm thankful for the ups and the downs, the expected and unexpected, the goodbyes and new friendships in my life. I'm also reminded that the journey we are on, is what it is really - A journey. That one day we shall meet our Maker and my heart's desire is that He would say, "Well done good and faithful servant".

So yeah, thank you Lord for your faithfulness and grace in my life. For holding me and giving me life all these  10,950 (wow!!) days. We know that our best days are yet to come (Joel Osteen and ACS) and we thank you that with you in our lives, we do not have to fear what lies ahead but we can always be filled with expectancy for the great(er) things that you have in store for us. Amen. 

#1- (clockwise from top left). Peter Parker / Private secretary / Prisoner / Punk / Princess(es)
#2 - Pirates!
#3 - Pocahontas
#4 - Penguin
#5 - Pippy Langstrumpfe / Princess / Pocahontas / Penguin
#6 - Pink parents
#7 - (Don't remember) Private air-stewardess?
#8 - Pusteblume (dandelion flower)
#9 - Pretty in Pink ladies


Bern said...

Welcome to my age group! :)Happy birthday dearie.

Pris said...

Haha, thanks! Yah man... I'm finally in the 30s club!

elainegan said...

we're just weeks apart! I just hit 30 on 5th Jan, woke up thinking how did it happen, lol! but hey I'm treating it as digits and decided to embrace my 30s with a youthful heart for the Lord which will cheer me up lots! :) Happy belated birthday sweetie!


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