Monday, January 07, 2013

Christmas 2012

In front of the live Christmas tree and guess what I have in my hand!
Last Christmas marked my 7th Christmas in Germany. And if I may say, I think it was my best one thus far!

We had 4 Singaporean friends who visited us over a course of 6 days and it was simply awesome! The Ponniahs - Renita and her two brothers, together with our long-time Christmas visitor Belinda popped by for some Christmas cheer.

I must have known both Renita and Belinda for 10 years or more by now. Renita's my churchmate in Singapore and she's been doing her 1-year Masters program in Newcastle so it was planned way in advance that when she's in UK, she would spend Christmas with us. Belinda is our most frequent visitor, having been over for the past 4 Christmases.

It was really such an answered prayer that Renita's 2 brothers flew up to Europe to "surprise" her. I've been praying / asking God to replenish my Singaporean stock of premixes / food and have not had any visitors in 2012. Hence, I finally asked my best friend Jennifer to ship me some Singaporean goodies. That was when she got wind that Renita's 2 brothers were going to visit her (and us) so she took the opportunity to get them to bring my food over!
Sammy with the Ponniahs
Isn't that amazing? God provided 2 special messengers to travel from Singapore to Europe just to bring me my food. Ok, I know that they came to accompany their sister, but still. I was beyond happy to get my chilli paste and some other Prima taste supplies again.

Back to Christmas, it was as if we had a Singaporean Christmas in Germany! We spoke so much, so quickly and sooo much Singlish. Reminisced over shared memories and laughed so hard! When I heard Belinda blurt out "Alamak" one day, I couldn't help laughing. It has been ages since I last heard that word! We even played "tai tee" - a poker card game which I last played when I graduated from Junior College.

And since the Ponniahs are from my church in Singapore, I felt such a tinge of nostagia of what it was like to celebrate Christmas with my fellow churchmates. Renita updated me about the latest news of all the people I know / miss from my church. Ooh, if only Singapore is closer to Germany. I miss my church! I love my German church too but my Singaporean church will always have a special place in my heart.

Belinda played with Sammy and took so many photos of him. It was so sweet seeing how she warmed up to my little man, especially since she didn't have much "baby" experience beforehand.

Hi Aunty Bel! I wanna go London to visit you!

Sammy being the extrovert he is, lapped up all the attention that everybody lavished on him. He was so in his prime. He enjoyed playing with everybody and even recognized their faces after just one day. When he saw them one day later, he automatically stretched out his hands to be carried.

Acting "tao" (aloof) in the first pix and all cute & innocent in the second one
All bright and cheery on Christmas eve morning
Christmas presents exchange was beyond fun. It was so funny to see how my SIL and us had the same gift idea for Renita - who got 2 tea sets for Christmas!

Sammy got tons of amazing gifts including UGG boots bought directly from Australia from my SIL and an amazing GAP pullover lined with wool from Bel. It's amazing how much a baby grows in 1 year. On Sammy's first Christmas when he was 4 months old, he could barely interact with people. And this Christmas he was the life of the party! :)
Look at that look of anticipation on his face! We got him a toy guitar which (sadly) spoilt VERY quickly!
Presents from Australia from SIL - a cute Koala bag and UGG boots
Left: Present from London - GAP pullover. Right: Hubby's first-ever Porsche from me! LOL

Renita opening her present and "trying" to look happy at receiving her second tea set! LOL
The only photo I have with 4 of my guests (unfortunately)
Bel with her mini raclette set for two - our present for her, since we always eat raclette on Christmas eve

Bonding with his grandparents

The days went by in a flash and I wish I could relive every single moment! Thank God for photos which captured slices of our wonderful experiences. It didn't snow unfortunately but it was still a very heartwarming Christmas, during which I just knew that God wanted to encourage my heart that even though I see my friends so seldom, friendships with Christ in our midst will last for eternity.


Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Your Sammy is adorable! And, I love your tree :) Wishing you and your family and blessed 2012, Pris!

Pris said...

Hey Corsage!

Thanks for popping by my blog! :) Oh hah, that's not my tree actually, its my in-laws' tree. We usually celebrate Christmas at their house.

Thank you and same to you too! I LOVE reading your blog and follow it faithfully even though I don't always comment.

Bern said...

did u bake the "porsche" cookie by yourself? it looks super pro!

Pris said...

Bern - Hahah. I wish! Nope the porsche cookie is actually gingerbread that I bought from the Christmas market in Stuttgart. Stephan was pretty amused! Lol.

Belinda said...

feeling a bit nostalgic looking at the photos.. alamak! missing you guys already ;)


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