Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The day we hiked 10 km with a baby

Bammy with his smiley eyes
As you can tell from my pretty sparse blog entries, I'm either running out of things to blog about or I've just been too lazy to take photos of my latest kitchen escapades / Sammy baby. Plus the fact that my mouse has officially died, I've sorta hit a writer's block on my blog - sorry for the pun!

Anyway, we did take quite a number of photos when we went for our first-ever 10-km hike with Sammy a while back. One of our church friends organised a spontaneous gathering on one of those public holidays and we decided to join them since the little bugger got up earlier than usual that day.

And as most parents know, baby awake = whole family awake.

It turned out to be a great decision though, cos although the weather was getting colder already, the sun was out and we had pretty much blue skies the entire day.

The 10-km hike turned out a bit more arduous than we had expected but it was great exercise! We stopped at an outdoor wooden shack for lunch, for which we brought our own meat and sausages. The BBQ pit was one of those old-fashioned ones hanging over real fire burnt from coal, so our food had a yummy, charred aftertaste. :)

Oh and because the route was not entirely paved with concrete, hubby and I had to take turns carrying Sammy while the other one carried the stroller. As I said, great exercise!

The city-girl in me does complain enough (unfortunately) about living in a "too small" Stuttgart. However, when I visit Singapore and am faced by the massive onslaught of people and intense heat everywhere I go, I do cherish the fact that we have a lot of nature here. Oh and cooler temperatures too. That's why summer is so nice here. It's hot but never gets as humid as in Singapore.

I also do treasure hikes like this because one gets to be in the great outdoors and breathe really fresh air.  We also got to see some animals along the way to Sammy's amusement. And being the trooper he is, he actually slept for the first half of the hike, so we managed to have some undisturbed adult conversation in the meantime.

When I look back at these photos, my heart yearns for sunny weather and blue skies again! Soon soon....But not before I get enough snow!!! :) 

On a separate note, is it already December?? And we've already had our 1st Advent! That means I'd better get started on my Christmas presents if not I'll run in the usual last minute buying-wrapping rush every year!
Love how this boy smiles with his eyes
Say MOO!!
The wooden outdoor shack. Apparently we were not the only ones who came up with the idea of going on a hike

 Love it when my friend(s) take Sammy cos it gives me a breather!
Another sleeping Sammy. He took 2 naps that day. Once on our way there and once on the way back
See what I mean? Just nature, blue skies and endless steppe
Love the contrast in colours
See how the size of Man pale in comparison to the great outdoors? I think its such a nice reminder of how BIG our God is and how small our problems are in the light of having God on our side!
Gorgeous right?  
Some sights of the mini village where we ended our hike in      


Bern said...

Don't worry, u aren't missing much in SG. It's super overcrowded and way too stressful!

U hv a slower pace of life over there...I'd love to live that way! too bad I'd hv to wait till i retire to do that. :(

Pris said...

Bern - Thanks for your comforting words. Hah. I don't miss the stressful lifestyle and crowds but the FOOD!!!! :( I wish they had better Asian food in Stuttgart. Chinese cuisine is mediocre at best.


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