Friday, October 26, 2012

Tenerife, Spain - Loved it!

Sammy says HI!!
We're back from our holiday! It was sooo perfect.

We had amazing weather everyday - above 30 degrees. The first time the warm sunshine touched my skin, I was in 7th heaven! Before I moved to Germany, I couldn't understand why those Europeans could spend hours baking themselves in the scorching sun. But after having lived in Germany for the past 6 years and knowing what the cold and dark can do to you, I can completely understand why people here LOVE the sun! I do come more alive in summer.

We got so many photos to sort out, so here's some of our favourite shots that we got taken professionally while on holiday. It cost us only 100€ for over 600 shots on soft copy as well as 4 A4-sized printed copies.

Yah I know I've been fairly quiet on my blog, so I've decided to post this to say "HELLO!" and here's wishing you all a great weekend! Will be back with more details about my trip!
Lift me up to the sky!
A bit of a disgruntled Bammy
So happy that he loves his baby float! He used it ALL the time!
Showing off my two front teeth!
Love this family shot with the gorgeous sunset in the background
Look at how the little one is all snuggled up between us!


elainegan said...

wow to another vacation! He's looking SO grown up, handsome as ever ;)
I should find the yellow seat float for Laura, she HATES the fluorescent orange one we bought from mothercare. Hopes it'll help her stay in the pool! :)

Pris said...

Elaine - Yah! It was such a needed sunny break! I could have stayed for another week! hee. Thanks dear! He does look less like a baby now right?? *sob* He IS growing up too fast! Yes! Do try to get the yellow seat for Laura... its very easy for babies to use.


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