Wednesday, October 10, 2012

He likes cats!

Just a short post for today.

We visited a friend of ours recently and she has a domestic cat which is very useful for catching rats (sometimes half-eaten ones if I may add). It would "deliver" its catch and lay it on the floor mat proudly **yikes**.

Ok, I side-tracked a bit here. Sammy was happily crawling around the house when the cat joined us in the dining room. My family never had pets at home and neither hubby nor I have a desire to own pets, even though I personally like dogs. Hubby is allergic to cat fur, hence I was interested to find out how Sammy would react to the cat.

He loved the cat! Had absolutely no fear of the furry creature and went straight up to it to stroke it. The poor cat, on the other hand looked terrified and its eyes kept scanning the room for possible escape routes out of the clutches of the little one. It was quite comical actually.

I thought it was the sweetest thing ever to witness my little son embracing the animal-lover side of his. It must be daunting to be surrounded by adults who are twice his size all the time, so I guess Sammy was actually happy to interact with another living creature the same size as him.
Looking at my friend as if to ask for permission to stroke the cat!
You know what? I'm gonna stroke you whether you like it or not!
Going closer! He looked like he wanted to sit on the cat!


Kiss a Cup of Latte said...

Oh, Sammy can stroke my cat next time when he's in Singapore! I think it's good for kids to interact and play with animals :)

Pris said...

Hi Andrea! ;) Yah I think its cool to see Sammy "gently" stroking the cat! So nice chatting with you yesterday!


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