Friday, March 16, 2012

Epic birthday party

A dear friend of mine turned 30 recently and she had an epic birthday party complete with a DJ, dance floor and cocktail bar. For the venue, she chose the cafe in church for a crowd of more than 120 people! Unfortunately we didn't manage to take a pix with the lovely birthday girl. :(

We brought little Sammy along and he was such a champ! :) Obviously he was the youngest party-goer but he entertained himself by looking at people and staring at the ceiling that happened to be filled with holes.

One thing I like about Germany is that usually when one is invited to a party, one contributes some finger food or dessert. Hence when a party has more than 120 attendees, one is treated to such a wide array of home-cooked goodness that one round is not enough to satisfy one's palate!

Going to her party made me think of how I wanted to welcome the next decade myself. And just when I was trying to churn up some ideas, I thought "Wait a minute, isn't Sammy gonna turn 1 before my birthday???"

Oh man, it's somehow so weird thinking of celebrating my little man's birthday cos one year ago he wasn't even born and now I can't imagine my life without him! :-)
Look at the awesome buffet spread!
The most recent photo of all of us together

 Enjoying my caipirinha while baby Sammy distracts himself

Below: A video of Sammy grooving to the music with Mummy

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