Friday, February 24, 2012

Pork on lemon grass sticks

I'm back in Germany after 4 whirlwind weeks in Singapore. My luggage is almost unpacked but Sammy is still jet-lagging (ie. middle of the night wake ups and not wanting to go back to sleep).

Hubby told me that he's been having frozen pizzas to sustain himself during my absence and my wifey instinct felt so sad for him! I enjoy cooking, but washing up is another matter

Thanks to my friend Liz, who bought me a new recipe book, I decided to brush up my culinary skills again! I realized that since Sammy was born, I haven't posted a single entry on food simply because I haven't had the capacity to try out anything new!

Needless to say, cooking had become more of a chore / necessity rather than a hobby and I didn't find myself looking forward to it. Hence, I'm now on a mission to revive this aspect of my life that has been lying dormant for a while.

Hubby and I loved every bite of the pork sticks. The lemon grass added a subtle but tangy flavour to the pork mixture. This can either be served as party finger food or as a main meal (in picture).

 Completing the meal with some greens and sunny-side up egg

500 grams minced pork
4 garlic cloves, chopped
4 coriander roots, finely chopped
1 tsp sugar
2 tbsp Kecap Manis / soya sauce
Lots of freshly-ground salt and ground black pepper
Lengths of lemon grass stalk
Sweet chilli sauce / sambal chilli to serve

1. Mix minced pork, chopped garlic, coriander roots, sugar and kecap manis in a large bowl. Season well with salt and pepper. Leave in refrigerator for 2 hours.

2.  Mould the pork mixture into balls. 

3. Stick a length of lemon grass halfway into each ball, then press the meat mixture around the lemon grass to make a shape like a chicken leg. 

4. Grill the pork sticks in an oven at about 200degrees for about 20 mins (depending on your oven). At half-time, I turned them over such that the sticks are grilled evenly. 

Adapted from: Chinese recipes 500 by Jenni Fleetwood.

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