Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sammy at ten days old

Yay I finally figured out how to use my iPhone to take videos and upload them to You-tube!

So here's Sammy's first-ever video. Do pardon my baby-wannabe voice.

We're dedicating this video to my Dad in Singapore, who's a brand-new Grandpa at a young age of 53 years! :)

Have I mentioned how much I loooove my iPhone yet? It's the one thing that helped me to keep my sanity during my 5-day hospital stay. And even now during the endless nights when I'm breastfeeding Sammy, I'm so thankful that I got something that I can use with one hand. 


Gene said...

He looks so much like Stephan!
And did I see dimples? Sooo cute!

irene said...

Keep up the wonderful work Pris...Enjoy Sammy!!!I caught a smile and yes what lovely eyes, Mommy sounds real sweet too! Praise our Lord from where all blessings flow..

Anonymous said...

Hi...sweetie are so attentive to every words spoken by mum...Am sure you would love to see pictorial baby story books, right? Great if we could read and show Sammy some famous biblical story books to him...

Pris said...

Gene - Thanks! I don't really know who he looks like more, since I see him everyday. But yeah, qutie a lot of people say that he looks like Stephan! And yes, he does have a dimple. Did you see more than one?

Pris said...

Thanks Aunty Irene! :)

Its soooo tiring to be a Mom but I think I'm getting better day by day. :) Yeah, I'm still so in awe of how a little baby could have grown in my belly!

Pris said...

Hey Dad

We're thinking of getting some bible story books too, but have to research to see which ones are better. We'd have to order online cos there aren't many English baby books available in stores here.


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