Monday, September 12, 2011

Dear Sammy - Week 1

I figured that since I don't have much time on my blog, I would use this blog to write weekly letters to my little one. So if you don't mind a new mother's mushiness, you're more than welcome to be part of Sammy's online love letters.
Dear Sammy,

You turn 1 week old today. And as of today, you have exceeded your birth weight, with your current weight being at 4.1kg. Well done you! :) Mummy and Daddy are so proud of you, because you regained your 7% loss of weight so quickly! Mummy's milk only came in on Saturday and you've been drinking like a trooper! You have such great suction power that we can call you "a great sucker" - in a positive sense of course!

What can we say?

We're so over the moon to call you our own. It's truly such a privilege and honor to be stewards of God's gift. You're so precious. We love the way you look. When you were born, you had blue eyes. Now your eyes have turned light brown. Both colours are beautiful to me though.

Everybody says that you have Mummy's eyes. :) We love the way you look both Asian and Western, depending on what angles we catch you on camera.

And your smell. Ohhh your smell. I never knew what people meant by a "baby's smell" but when you were born, I could really understand why some people say its the best smell in the world. You smell sooo delicious! If we could eat smells, we would eat you! Ok, that sounds gross but gosh, I so don't want you to lose your baby smell....ever! Going to treasure every single day that your smell lingers on your face and behind your ears.

You're generally an easy baby. You fuss at night and Daddy and I have to resort to all sorts of methods to calm you down before you succumb to deep sleep. But once you do, you sleep sooo well! For the past 2 nights, you've only woken up once or twice to feed and have gone back to sleep right after that. For that we're so thankful and grateful!

Being your parents has been the one most adventurous thing that your Daddy and I are undertaking together. We're new at this. Thanks for being such a precious pearl! We know we'll make mistakes with you, but we also know that "in our weaknesses, God's strength is made perfect".

Oh man, I think I should stop soon before your overly-emotional Mummy's going to tear.

We love you baby and wish only God's best for you. Know that we pray for you everyday and God's warring angels surround you as you wake, eat, sleep - literally every second of everyday. We pray that you'll grow into a strong man of God and be the epitomy of what your name means.

Grow well little one.

Mummy & Daddy
You were making such a funny face here! - In Grandma's arms
Peacefully sleeping you
 First outing with you to a sushi restaurant.... your Mummy was craving for her sashimi!!!
You're really a "chip of the old block"!
 Our little bundle of joy!


Trini said...

He's so cute!!!!!!

Pris said...

Thanks Trini! :)

He is a cutie! I think its those pinchable cheeks of his!

Gcroft said...

Hi, congratulations on the birth of your child. I was moved by your first letter to your son. God bless. A silent reader.

Sarah said...

He's really so beautiful, Pris! Can sense so much love from ur letter :):)

Anonymous said...

So much love shared...great idea with the letters! He is so adorable :-)

Love, Geli

Bel said...

He looks absolutely adorable!! Love that pic of him wrapped up tightly.. Literally a bundle of joy :)

Pris said...

Gcroft - Thanks for your comment! :) So nice to hear from my silent readers! I think its all the hormones going haywire in my body... but yeah, I'm still trying to come to terms with the fact that I'm a Mom!

Pris said...

Sarah - Thanks a lot! :)

Pris said...

Thanks Geli & Bel! :)

I do enjoy writing so I think the letters are more for me than him!!! But its always nice to have something to remember these first few days by!


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