Monday, September 26, 2011

Dear Sammy - week 3

Dear Sammy

Happy 3 weeks old darling! Wow! Can't believe you're 1 more week to being 1 full month old!

This week saw you having a growth spurt in which you woke up every 2 hours to feed over a period of 2 days.

We know that its impossible to "analyse" and evaluate your sleeping and feeding patterns at such a tender age, but Daddy and I were thrown off course because we had so gotten used to your 3-4hrs feeding pattern.

Thank God that last night, you settled back into your 3-4 hrs sleep / feeding pattern so we both could get some eyeshut.

We're very thankful that you hardly ever have your evening crankiness anymore. You've been having naps in the late evening, such that all we have to do is to wake you up for a feed, change your diaper, interact with you a little bit, before swaddling you up and you fall asleep on your own.

You're a very good baby in that you save your loud cries for food and the other "noises" do not usually escalate to wails. Daddy said that when he unwrapped the Swaddleme today, you automatically dropped your arms such that Daddy could easily wrap you up. Perhaps you're beginning to realize that Swaddleme = sleeping time?

We know that things change so quickly with a newborn, so we're very thankful for each good day with you.

Mummy's just tired most of the time and wonders if this constant fatigue will ever leave. I hope to be able to take you out for long walks in your stroller but at this moment, I can only walk short distances because of my physical constraints.

There's got to be a reason why the learning curve of Motherhood is so steep at the beginning. Perhaps its just God's design to make man more dependant on Him. I find myself praying for strength, grace and perserverance to look after you on a daily basis.

We also started allowing you to sleep with us for short stretches on our bed. You sleep sooo well with us! I think you actually enjoy smelling your Mommy when you sleep. Usually you drink your milk really quickly - about 10 to 15 mins. But as of this week, you've been taking long, casual drink marathons of up to 30mins!

I think this is your way of combining your nursing time and cuddling time because you tend to fall asleep for long stretches after that. I hope this method will continue to work when Daddy goes back to work next week.

We love you so much little one. You're growing so strong! And have a mind of your own. Mummy can't "force" you to drink longer or shorter if you have set your mind on how long you want to be in my arms.

Have I mentioned that you recognize your name? You would be falling asleep while nursing and all I have to do is to call your name, "Sammy" before you continue sucking again. Once, you even suddenly opened your eyes as if you were startled out of your sleeply state!

May you continue to enjoy being our baby as we grow into our roles of being your parents.

Hugs & kisses
Mummy and Daddy

 Enjoying my sushi with you. You fussed only when you were hungry and stopped after I fed you.
 Gosh, you look like a little man here!
 That's you taking your afternoon nap on my side of the bed. You slept a full 3 hours!
Looove this "paparazzi" photo of you!
Daddy playing with your feet


Anonymous said...

The one month confinement is meant for both mothers and babies to recuperate after an extremely exhausting 19 hr of labour and be strong again with plenty of rest, nutritious food, daily moderate exercises within the confine of home and maybe just abit around your home...

Anonymous said...

If possible, enticed Sammy to keep awake in the evening before he goes for his sleep from 10pm would be great...He could take naps in the afternoon for not more than one and half hours in a darken room..

Pris said...

honestly, I can't do confinement here, because neither do I have a maid, nor do I have a 24-hour-confinement-nanny to look after Sammy and cook for me. Stephan's working from home, so he helps out, but that's nothing close to having a proper confinement lady as what people have in Singapore. And going out for dinner, that is part of keeping my sanity plus saving me the effort of having to cook by myself.

I do wish, that we have that kind of help, but over here you have to be filthy rich to afford that kind of help. Either that or usually one's mom comes over to take the place of the confinement lady. Both options are not open for me.

Anonymous said...

That is one radiant mommy...maybe it is the great pictures, but I can not tell by your looks how tired you must be. You look great and happy :-)

And Sammy is the cutest, of course!

Love, Geli

Pris said...

Dad - That's an try and keep Sammy awake before his sleeping time. But at this point, its quite impossible to instil sleep habits in him, cos he's too young. A book I have said the earliest to start sleep training is 4 mths. Before that, babies have to feed every 3 hrs.

Pris said...

Thanks a lot dear Geli! :)

You're so encouraging!! Really appreciate it! I find my eyebags so much darker!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sammy, you are so cute with your legs curled..missed you so much...

Sarah said...

Hey Pris, I think you and Stephan are doing so great, and from your blog posts I can sense the great love you both have for Sammy, which is the thing that keeps us parents going when things become overwhelming. We somehow find the strength we never knew we had! :)

P/S re sleeping, from all that I've read, the important thing is not to overtire the baby, cos sleep deprivation actually causes the little one to sleep less better. I've been quite firm on that with E, making sure he naps enough during the day, and it really shows. Of course how much sleep each baby needs can differ, but if I remember correctly E slept aound 20 hours a day when he was less than a month old!


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