Monday, September 19, 2011

Dear Sammy - Week 2

Oh man, I can't believe that we survived the first full week at home alone with baby! It's only been 1 week but to be honest, it feels more like 1 month!

I'm pretty tired, so I'll write my letter before I fall asleep!


Dear Sammy

You turn 2 weeks old today! :)

Wow, has it already been yet another week? Everybody tells us to enjoy you because time flies by so quickly.

There are days when I think that 24 hours feel like an eternity, but all it takes is a whiff of your baby smell and endless showers of kisses on your cheeks that makes the broken-up sleep all worthwhile. Oh and your little grunts after you finish your feed that make you sound like a little mouse. I wish I could tape down every second of your life so that I can remember every single little detail of it forever.

After only one week, your Daddy and I feel that we know you so much more! You no longer stay awake at night, but sleep right through it. Usually you only wake up once to feed and I know that this is amazing progress for a 2-week old!

Mummy is exclusively breastfeeding you and she's pleased to say that you're drinking so well! I call you "Sammy the boob rescuer" now, because we're in this partnership together in which I provide you milk, while you have to feed regularly so that I don't have engorgement or excess milk.

Breastfeeding hasn't been easy. The technique is fine, but its the constant waking up to feed you that tires Mummy out. Still, I wouldn't exchange this for the world. Mummy's experiencing pretty painful letdown pain on one side, but she hopes and prays that this too will pass and breastfeeding would be painless asap.

You're 4.3kg now! That means that you have gained 240grams since your birth and 200grams in your first week at home! :) Mummy has also lost 10kg in the past 2 weeks (!!!) which makes it 4kg left to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight! The joys of breastfeeding!!!! :)

You're a relatively good baby in that you only fuss when you're hungry. Mummy's learning how to listen to your cues and feeds you more frequently in the evening before you go to bed. Daddy's the one who's plays with you and you are easily calmed down by his voice and when you're in his arms.

Daddy has another 2 more weeks at home, after which Mummy will be left on her own. I really hope that before Daddy goes back to work, we would have a certain routine so that it would be easier to take care of you on my own.

We love you so much darling. It's taking every ounce of our energy to care for you, but we thank God for people who have been helping us!

You're a real trooper and we're so proud that you managed to sleep the entire time when Mummy went about to shop for some new clothes (ie. PJs and nursing wear). And yeap, Mummy managed to treat herself to her favourite Starbucks Frappucino!!!! The little pleasures in life!

Continue to grow well into a strong, young man of God!

Lots of hugs and kisses
Mummy & Daddy
 Aiyoh, I could kiss those cheeks 24/7!
 Visit from my pastor, his family and my leader
 Playing with Sammy after a feed
Love love love this contemplative shot of his
That's his typical milk-drunk look after a feed
Love Daddy-and-son bonding pictures!


Summer Lace said...

Hi Pris,

I'm amazed that Sammy can sleep through the night - well done! 2 weeks have flown by - very soon he'll be celebrating his 1 month birthday! Get some good rest and take care. I am always looking at your pictures on FB and on your blog! :)


Pris said...

Hey Andrea!

Sammy sleeps through the night meaning that he still wakes up to feed. But so far, he goes back to sleep after that, except for a few exceptions when I've had to help him sleep.

I'm sooo tired!!! Can't think of a time in my life when I'm more tired than now! Realized that its soo much easier to look at other peoples' babies' photos than taking care of them 24/7!


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of my parents who had raised up nine kids..they were so strong and sacrificial...thank God for them for sleepless nights and nobody else except parents would offer such loving tender care for babies..

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

hey Pris

Sorry I missed the announcements in the earlier posts. A big congratulations to you! :))) He must be such a joy to behold.

Glad that you have done so well these 2 weeks, and what a lot of weight you have lost! Well done, mummy!

Pris said...

Hey Corsage!

Thanks for your well wishes! :) I'm still adjusting to being a Mom. I'm sure you know what that's like.

I'm glad that the good times do outweigh the bad times...My house still looks like in a mess, but I tell myelf I will try to clear one thing at a time.


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