Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's the little things that count

 Guess what I received in the mail the other day?
A green package!

With lovely little baby towels on the inside!

For any of you who lived / are living abroad, you would know the sheer joy and excitement one gets when one receives something in the mail.

Not an E-mail. Nor a Facebook "poke". Nor a WhatsApp message. 

But a real, touchable, tangible present. 

I had that last week.

Sarah, whose blog I follow and who has a mega-adorable Swedish-Singaporean 4-month old son, sent me a little something for our little one!

I was sooo touched by her kind gesture. And it really made my day to know that someone actually made the effort to get something, pack it up and write me a nice note!

Its not the monetary value of the present. Its really the thought that matters! That you're remembered and not forgotten in this foreign land. And that your friendship is cherished.

This was such an encouragement for me. That God uses people like Sarah to bless my heart and to remind me that friends are such a gift from heaven! I'm so blessed to know that we're on similar paths of living overseas, being married to Ang-Mos (westerners) and adjusting to motherhood (a season that's coming up for me).

So thanks Sarah! I believe that its not sheer coincidence that our paths have crossed! :)

Guess what? Isn't it amazing that the colour's green? That's because our nursery is going to have a green-and-white theme!!! As I said, God-sent!!!


Sarah said...

Oh yay! God is so good! Green and white is an awesome colour scheme to have, useful for future bubs no matter what the gender too! :) Hope the cloths come in useful! I have cloths/towels lying in every room in my apartment to wipe up all the spit up/drool constantly overflowing from Enoch haha.

Pris said...

Sarah - Yeah! I really like the colour scheme too! Gender-neutral and fresh! So funny that you have clths / towels in every room. hah. Not too long to go before your Singapore trip! You must be getting excited!

Sarah said...

Yeah I am :) Counting down the days! As I'm sure you must be till baby's arrival!

Pris said...

Sarah - Hee I'm not really "counting down" yet. Still enjoying my nesting period! :)


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