Friday, July 15, 2011

International Church Service

Last Sunday our church had its annual International service and for the first time in my 5 years in Germany, we had the Singapore flag!

I, together with the help of my hubby, could "represent" my country by doing the honors of waving the flag high and proud! This sounds so cliche, but oh boy, while we were marching around with the flag and the worship leader sang a song in Spanish which meant "Heaven on earth", I was (almost) moved to tears!

At first, I thought, "Oh man, it must be all these pregnancy hormones putting my emotions into overdrive." However, hubby mentioned later that quite a number of people he saw were tearing when they witnessed this scene with all the various flags from different countries being represented in the church. Isn't it amazing that one day we will be with God face-to-face and spent eternity with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ from different continents, countries and cultures?

Can you believe that our church has people from over 85 nations? That's incredible, isn't it?
 The sea of colours and flags inside the auditorium
 I was supposed to wear the national costume of Singapore but seeing that Singapore doesn't have a "national costume" and I wouldn't be able to fit into the Singapore Airlines' Sarong Kabaya (even if I had one), I decided to settle for the most Chinese-looking maternity top I had.
Don't you think he can pass of as a Singaporean too? Heehee
 The highlight of this International Service is the food! One is treated to local delicacies from various countries cooked by the natives themselves! I invited some of my friends along - From Japan, America, Germany and Croatia! 
 There's also live music, dance and various performances to add to the festive atmosphere

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