Thursday, June 09, 2011

Singapore 2011 part 2 - Meeting up with the Lims

We met up with the Lims when they came back to Singapore. I knew Ailing from church during my teenage years and she has been my mentor since then. As a family, they've spent the past 2.5years in New Zealand with Youth with a Mission heading the Family Ministry School. We're always so inspired by them. How they trust God in every season of their lives and how God has blessed the works of their hands. Their second child, Levi was born in New Zealand. You can follow their lives on their blog here.
Like this photo of the both of us with my little bump! We were at a Cafe in Tanglin Mall which is a very family-friendly and quiet mall along the Orchard stretch.
Together with Sophie. Sophie has grown so much and is such a little lady now! She kept blowing kisses at my belly while we were praying together before we left.
Super cute little Levi who's going to be 1 year old than our little one. He's born early September and baby beanie is expected end of August. Have I mentioned how hard it is to take photos of little kids? I used the "kids and pets" function but the the flash still wasn't fast enough to capture the expressions of a kid without the picture looking blurry!
Will the real Daddy please stand up? Hubby wanted to test the Baby Bjorn so he tried taking Levi out for a spin. The good thing is that Babby Bjorn allows the baby to face outwards, but there's quite a bit of pressure on the crotch.
 Hubby's going to make such a great Daddy! And love Sophie's sweet smile here!


Room to Think said...

Sophie is so big and girly now...i remember her adorable baldish head days. hee hee...she's always been a sweetie. really cute photos.

Pris said...

I know! Sophie has so much personality it really shines through! Its so nice that Ailing has a blog so I can follow what she's been up to.


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