Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cell games night

Now this is something that we don't do very often.

Last weekend some people from our cell group organised a games evening spontaneously. Hubby and I were pretty exhausted from baby shopping but we decided to join them because we realized that with a baby timeline, our carefree evening time is limited :S

And oh boy, can I say that the Germans really know how to make board games? Most of them involve lots of strategic planning and creative thinking, not your typical brainless throw-a-dice-and-test-your-luck games. I actually had to use my brains! Wahaha, I sound like a bimbo. Settlers for example is a famous game invented by the Germans. I guess its no wonder that the automobile was also birthed in Germany.

My only problem with playing board games in German is that I have to try to understand all the instructions and playing rules in German. However, my friends were patient enough to explain everything to me and even help me along the way. :) Spending insouciant evenings like this is one of the best things I enjoy about living in Germany. The pace of life is slower (than in Singapore) and one is not as hectic. I believe it helps too that Stuttgart is not a huge city so people generally tend to be more relaxed.
 The guys and their game, Dominion
We played this game called Thurn und Taxis

After the game, we hung out until 2am just to chat with two of them. Oh the joys of being a couple. We'll definitely miss these worry-free days but at the same time we'll more than love having a little one to care for! And thank God for in-laws so we can still have our couple time even when baby's born! :)


Sarah said...

Emil and his friends LOVE playing board games too, and all the good ones seem to be from Germany indeed! One of our favourites is called Agricola, and Emil LOVES Dominion! hehe :) Enjoy all these carefree evenings!

Pris said...

Hey Sarah! :)
Oh nice that Emil is also a boardgames fan. Do you play board games too? Yah, I think German board games are pretty popular cos they're actually challenging and fun. Will enjoy these evenings as long as they last!

Sarah said...

Yeah I play with Emil and his friends, quite a nice way to hang out :)

Lil Ms Meanie said...

Yeah I agree that German board games are good fun. I always lug home board games from Germany when I visit. Thurn and taxis is a great one. Oh and you could check out "Spiel des Jahres" for good ones. All these sounds pretty geeky. hehe ;)

Pris said...

Lil Ms Meanie - Hey! Nice to hear from you again! It's been a while! How have you been? I see you're a fan of German board games too! Hah, thanks for the tip! Will check out some more board games, we don't have any at home!

Lil Ms Meanie said...

Hey Pris, yeah it's been awhile. Been busy but still your faithful reader :) my late CONGRATS to you and your husband on the new addition to your family and looking forward to meeting your little one (on your blog).
Yeah, board games are good entertainment for house parties, something to keep the little ones occupied as well. hehe


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