Friday, June 17, 2011

Blessings to share

I passed my gestational diabetics test!!!!

Its such a relief!!! I was pretty unsettled at the beginning to be honest.

My fasting level was 80 (where normal would be < 90).

After one hour it shot up to 165, when I thought, "This is it. I got to cut out all sugar".

But it turned out that normal was < 180.

And after 2 hours it was 102 (where normal would be < 150)

So THANK YOU GOD!!! I'm sooo grateful that my levels are normal! This feels like the last major hurdle to cross before D-day.

The other blessing to share is that I found bubble tea in Stuttgart! 

This is so amazing. :) I've been living in Stuttgart for almost 5 years and suddenly bubble tea is popping up out of the blue. It had been a week since I came back from Singapore and I was still feeling a bit "foodsick". This was when I saw 2 Asian ladies drinking bubble tea and my heart skipped a beat when I asked them where they bought it from.

It was as if God knew exactly what I needed to feel at home in Germany again. I think I'll start praying for an authentic Singaporean restaurant to be opened in Stuttgart in the near future!

Where you can buy authentic bubble tea: 
Phuc. Marienstr. 18, 70178 Stuttgart


cyn said...

Cool, Pris. So relieved to know that you passed the tests! Praise the Lord!

Sarah said...

Yay! Praise the Lord! Now you can drink bubble tea to your heart's content :):)

Pris said...

Cyn - Hey thanks! I'm very relieved myself too! :) You don't really update your blog anymore, do you?

Pris said...

Sarah - Yeah man! :) I'll try to give more business to these bubble tea stores so they don't stop selling these drinks!

cyn said...

Yes I prefer to do real time updating via FB. Too caught up with my students (my niece and nephew are taking major exams this year and they have been coming over to have lessons) and markings to really do a good job of my blog and I figured that if I'm not going to do a good job, then I might as well not do it.


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