Friday, May 13, 2011

Pregnant in Singapore

So I'm back in Singapore!

And first time as a preggy lady. Its pretty cool actually because people do notice that I'm preggy! I get stares at my belly quite often and I wonder if its because I'm walking next to this tall white guy.

No one has given up their seat for me yet on the subway or buses because we tend to travel during off-peak hours and there are sufficient empty seats around. I'll be thrilled if someone gives up his seat for me for the first time though! (Just for the novelty of it all)

Jet-lag wise we're doing better this time round. We managed to get out of the house on the first day after touchdown but we're still sleeping at around 4am local time (Germany's 10pm).

So just a lowdown on what I've been up to:-

1. Hardly slept in 12-hr flight cos we sat at exit-row seats and the armrest could not be lifted up. I found it extremely uncomfortable to sleep in a sitting position so barely had 2 hrs of sleep in total. But it was ok, since I had to drink a lot of water (about 2 litres) which resulted me having to go to the toilet every 1 to 2 hrs.

Great news: I had NO backpain at all!!!! My physiotherapist met me before I flew off and she adjusted my spine and gave me a long massage. I think the adjustment of my spine (with some cracking sound) was REALLY REALLY REALLY good!!!! It felt like my spine was back in order!!!!

I can't believe it, but I feel TOTALLY great about my pregnancy now!!!! No pains no aches, nothing!!!!

2. I've been eating like crazy!!!!

It feels like the food is competing for space with baby in belly. Sometimes my belly muscles gets so tight and hard that I feel like it could burst!!!!

Therefore I have had to exercise more self-control and eat more regularly than to stuff everything down at one go.... so far that seems to be helping.

I SOOOO miss food in my country. There's just SO MUCH great food and SO MANY lovely things to see (shopping) that I just feel like my senses are working overtime!!!!

3. I had a haircut, hair treatment (deep conditioning) and dyed my hair!!!

Yeah, this was another dilemma, but my roots were growing out and it was sooo ugly!!! I simply had to do something with my hair. To make it as "safe" as possible, I asked for ammonia-free dye (no smell) and seeked my hairdresser's opinion. She said that when the pregnancy is stable (after the 1st trimester), its pretty fine to dye one's hair.

Hence I got myself a great new hairstyle! Will show you the picture as soon as I take one!!!

Overall, I'm having a blast here. I really miss my country. The food. The people and environment. Its sad that I can only be home once a year and for such a short time that it feels like time is slipping through my fingers. However I also know that my place and season is in Germany. God has a purpose and plan for hubby and I there and He has rewarded us with our little baby too - who's conceived and going to be born there.

So I trust in His plans, His PERFECT goodness and inspite and despite of the fact that I don't think I will ever stop missing Singaporean food and shopping, I know that His plans and ways are wayyyy higher than my own desires and taste buds! hahahah....

Okok, shall stop became an essay! Photos coming up next!


Anonymous said...

Hi dear,

great to hear that you are enjoying your time back in your home so much - and that you relly enjoy your pregnancy.
I am so excited how you changed your hairstyle!

Love from Germany, Geli

Jie Jie said...

Hey, you're just around the corner. Why don't you pop in for dinner?



Pris said...

Hey Geli!

So nice to hear from you! Yeah, I'm really enjoying both my pregnancy and being at home too. :) Feel settled in Germany but when I come back here, I feel sooo at home here and I do miss it too.

Hah, my hairstyle is pretty much the same, but shorter and a different colour. :)

Luv & hugs

Pris said...

Hey Jie Jie!

Sure thing! When shall we meet??? ;) You can come by too!!! We can play table soccer together. Hee


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