Monday, May 09, 2011

I'm viable! - 6 months today

Ok, do ignore the white shoes. I borrowed them from my MIL because we went for a walk in the sunny weather, yesterday being Mother's Day and all.

Oh Happy Mother's Day to all you Mothers out there! :) I do miss my Mom, but am so comforted knowing that she's spending eternity with God in heaven now, where we'd meet again one day. And its really exciting and somewhat (daunting??) to know that next year, I'm going to be able to celebrate being a Mother myself! 

Today's a milestone! I'm 24 weeks / 6 months along in my pregnancy! This also means that baby is viable - baby has a fighting chance of surviving in the outside world. But our little baby beanie is not going to make his appearance anytime soon. :)

I think I'm getting pretty round, what do you think?

I'm very happy with this black dress that I bought for 30€. Its a regular dress from C&A, which means that I can continue to wear it when I'm not preggy anymore. :) And its sooo comfortable, airy and loose, exactly what I need in summer. 
Today's hubby's 35th birthday too. Yeah, he was born on Mother's Day. We didn't have a real celebration since we're leaving for Singapore tomorrow and didn't want to deal with the additional stress of organising a party. So hubby and I just went to our favourite steak restaurant, Maredo for a quiet evening together.

I truly thank God for this man in my life. He's a real gem. Always giving me whatever I want (if its reasonable) and just loving me for who I am. It hasn't been easy for him to marry a blue-blooded Singaporean with all my quirks and nagginess (?), but he's been ever-so-patient and calm to give me the time and space to grow into my own skin. May God continue to guide you, the Holy Spirit fill you and may the next 35(and more) years be even better, more beautiful and blessed than the past 35. Amen.


Sarah said...

Looking absolutely radiant Pris :) Happy 6 months milestone!!

Pris said...

Thanks Sarah!!!
You got a blogger account too? I'm soo happy you changed your template so I can finally write stuff!!!

JC (steph's husband) said...

Hi Pris,
How the father, did he gain weight too ;-)... like me. hehe

Pris said...

JC - You are so funny! My hubby says, " Of course lah!" Dunno how much he gained also. Did u lose your "pregnancy" weight then? ;)


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