Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crazy hair party

We were invited to two of our youths' combined birthday party recently. They had a theme of "clones" in line with Germany's new stance of making it legal to clone your hair - whatever that means.

That's why we were supposed to pair up with somebody and come with similar hair-dos such that they looked "cloned". I for one, didn't fully understand the entire Email because it was a bit long and in German. Hence I just assumed that it was a regular hair-do-themed party. Hubby didn't read it either because the .pdf function on his laptop didn't work. Needless to say we didn't manage to "clone" our hair.

We were completely blown away by how creative the others were though! Everybody made the effort to dress according to the occasion. It was one really hilarious party with lots of crazy games, dancing and just having a good time with friends.
 They were undoubtedly the best-cloned pair! Those are wigs btw!
 If you don't want to mess up with your hair with crazy amounts of hairspray,you can choose to either braid your hair (like what I did) or wear wigs!
 That's B. the birthday girl with her high hair-do!
                 Left: The cloned birthday girls. Right: Y. with her wham-bam hair-do
 Left: Close-up of Becky's hair-do. Right: Hubby's "moustache". Oh man, he looks so much older!
More crazy wigs!
3 people were picked among the crowd to be "re-styled" and unfortunately the guys turned out to be the victims!
The other crazy hair-dos!


Kelly said...

I did my maternity pictures at 33 weeks. I think it depends on how big you are. I didn't want to be TOO big at the time, but wanted a nice sized belly for them too. :)

hubby said...

Hi love,

man that was some crazy time, huh? Was nice to be there with you, in the midst of so many nice people. But you are still the nicest of them all! I love you. Muaks.

Pris said...

Yay hubby wrote smth on my blog!!! :)

Totally made my day!!! Muaks!

Pris said...

Hey Kelly!

Thanks for the tip! I want to do my maternity shots in Singapore, so that's why I'll be only 28 weeks preggy then. Hope it'd be big enough, if not I'll have to consider doing them in Germany. Your photos were awesome! :)

Sabrina said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm your newest follower by the way. And as for this post.. om, hmm.. (--insert blank stare here--) Crazy photos. lol

Pris said...

Hi Sabrina!!! :)

You would have loved the party too! It was just great fun!!! So nice to just enjoy the company of great friends! Thanks for following my blog!


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