Thursday, April 07, 2011

Blissfully pregnant

I took this video when we were at Constance. Its a bit amateurish because it was taken with my Canon Ixus but I really like how it captured my little belly bump and how happy and blissful I looked in it! :) You might have to turn up the volume because my voice somewhat fades off towards the end.


Anonymous said...

Really nice look happy and relaxed, good idea to capture these memories. That's one happy mommy-to-be :-)

Love, Geli

Room to Think said...

hee hee, that was cute. and i finally know what you sound like :)

Pris said...

Hey dear Geli!

Thanks a lot hun! So nice to know that you appreciate my video! :) I would like to capture the positive memories of my pregnancy & its so nice that you like it too!

Luv, Pris

Pris said...

Hey Jos
Oh man, I still find it a bit embarrassing to hear my own voice on video. But oh well, I'm thankful for the voice that God gave me! :)


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