Friday, March 18, 2011

Babymoon in our Honeymoon destination!

I feel soooo relieved!

After ages of searching online about where to go, we have finally made a decision!!!

Its mainly me. I'm always unsure about making the best decisions, while taking into consideration price factors. We were looking at Phuket for a long time because I somehow thought that the hotels should be more affordable there. But I was so wrong! They were averaging 100€/night and that was only for a regular room.

Finally yesterday, we decided that we're going to re-visit our Honeymoon place at Krabi. At first we booked the original resort (The Cliff) which was having an amazing offer of only about 60€+/night, down from the 80€+ we paid 5 years ago.

However, after chancing upon this hotel, Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas we decided that we're going to indulge a bit and have a private hotel beach for once and an ocean-facing room! :) There was also a fabulous offer going on at this hotel and we ended up paying about 100€+/night, instead of the usual 300€+. This hotel is only accessible by private speed boat but is still pretty close to Ao nang (where the shops / restaurants are). So we can still have meals /massages on the main island and go back to our hotel.

I'm pretty indecisive, but I figured after spending hours (literally!) surfing the net and reading reviews, I simply had to make a decision! And sometimes, that's the most important to do, isn't it?

We have never gone for a hotel that was smack along the beach and neither have we ever had an ocean-facing room. So I'm really hoping that we get a good view this time! The reviews on were mostly positive though the recurring complaint is usually that the staff are under-trained and rooms are not cleaned often enough.

I think I can deal with that especially for the price I'm paying. In Europe, I would pay the same price for a regular hotel room with no view. And yeah, considering that this would be the last time that we'd get to be on a twosome holiday, I think its romantic and cool to just spend a bit more. Besides, we didn't have our beach get-away last year.

Yup yup, you can already tell how I'm convincing myself that I've made the right decision!

To give you a preview, here's an impression of what it might be like in our hotel..... Oooh, I can't wait!
You can see the hotel pool is directly in front of its private beach
View from deluxe ocean-facing room which we have booked
Nestled in the mountains and sea. This was the hotel we saw from our speed boat 5 years ago and thought at that time that we'd want to stay there if we get a chance to in the future
Can you begin to tell why I've started my countdown to my Singapore-Krabi trip??? Woo hoo!

Source: From the link of hotel above


Anonymous said...

WOW!! That looks so amazing!! You probably want to stay there and never come back :-) Well, should work out...they have kindergardens there, too, right? Hehe...

Great choice!!

Love, Geli

Pris said...

Hi Geli! :)
It does, doesn't it??? I'm sooo excited! Even makes working fun again! Cos I know that the money I'm earning is going to go for a fantastic holiday!!!! hahah, I don't think I would want to live there though! Might get bored after a while! :)

Luv, Pris


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