Friday, February 04, 2011

Happy Rabbit Year 2011

Ok I know its already February so why am I wishing you a Happy New Year?

That's because its the Chinese New Year ("CNY")! Back in Singapore, we would celebrate both the regular New Year on 1st of January as well as CNY, for which we would get 2 public holidays.

This year would be the 5th time that I'm missing CNY for obvious reasons. To be honest, I didn't particularly miss it at the beginning, since I would still meet up with family and friends whenever I go back to Singapore. However as time drags by, I realize that I'm increasingly missing this festive season!

The best part about CNY? You get to receive red packets with money if you're not married. That also means that married couples would have to give red packets to those younger than them and those who are not married. I suppose you could say that living overseas and missing CNY has helped us to "save" all these red packet money after all these years!

But that's not the real reason why we haven't been going back. Its just because of the exorbitant air ticket prices! Dec to Feb/Mar are winter months in the Northern hemisphere so where do most people "flee" to? To the South of course! Where temperatures are warmer. So flight companies happily jack up their prices and they are ridiculous!

But we do want to be part of CNY celebrations sometime in the near future! In the meantime, I'll leave you with a family photo we took with Dad's extended family during my last CNY in Singapore in 2006!

Dad has 7 brothers and 1 sister - not all of whom are in this photo! Can you spot us?


Simon Scholz said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you!
We had a CNY party with our kids and gave the red things with candy to our kids :) It was really fun and the first time I "celebrated" CNY :D
Hope you guys are fine!

Pris said...

Thanks Simon!
I can't believe you had CNY party too! Is CNY big in Canada? Hah, I like your idea of using candy instead of money. :) We're doing well. And yourself?


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