Monday, January 24, 2011

Steamboat / Hot Pot in freezing temperatures!

How was your weekend?

Ours was short but great! Hubby had to work on Saturday and thank God this will be the second-last Saturday on which he has to work! :) Woo hoo!

We know its extra income and all but seriously I think every person needs a 2-day weekend. Hubby works pretty long hours during the week anyway, so I'm sure that even with less income we'll more than survive! Would rather have a hubby who lives longer than earns more anyways.

Have I mentioned that temperatures have dipped again! It fell to sub-zero levels last week and I've been spending all my energy trying to figure out what to cook / eat to keep warm. That's why when we went to a Chinese restaurant last Saturday I was sooo tempted at the steamboat buffet they had there. 

Ok, its not entirely the same as those in Singapore. We don't have the typical chicken rice with it and the sauces are different too. But I've gotten quite used to the type of steamboat they have here and its really yummy! Of course hubby had to eat it with me, because they only serve it when there's a minimum of 2 guests. He's funny & very German.

You know how steamboat is all about drinking the stock and dipping the cooked ingredients in the chilli sauce because boiled food in general does not have much taste? Hubby refused to drink the soup claiming that it makes him full and he also refused to dip the ingredients in the sauce saying that he prefers to eat it plain.

Hmmm..... (no comments)

Just hoping to continue to integrate hubby into the entire steamboat culture slowly but surely! Its a milestone that he has even agreed to eat steamboat with me!!!!
After steamboat, we met up with T & F spontaneously for some cocktails. It was sooo cool to just chill and chit chat. I was sooo surprised when the clock struck 12 such that the Cinderellas and our Prince charmings had to head home! T.(the only ex-student from my workplace whom I still keep in touch with) and I go out for coffee and shopping quite often.
Funnily enough, both the guys were mega-exhausted because they were up early, while the ladies were so energetic and talkative. Hope to have more meetings like this one in the future!


Precious Gems said...

Hi Pris
Thanks for keeping in touch.
I have never heard of steam boat but it looks really yummy :)

Pris said...

Precious Gems -
Thanks for popping by my journal!!! :) Yeah! Steamboat is such a comfort food esp. in winter!


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