Monday, January 03, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Ok I'm not one for resolutions. I find it stressful to start a new year with goals in mind. For me, life should be lived as it comes. Not broken down into a couple of points to be accomplished before the year is over.

I read somewhere that to make goals properly, they have to be:

1. Realistic
2. Measureable

This year however, I'm going to try out something new. And that means I will write down a couple of resolutions. Just to see if they actually work! So here goes! Feel free to share yours too!

 1. To read more books this year! 

Not just magazines but real books! Novels, books from Joyce Meyer or Joel Osteen - just to name a few of my favourite authors. I have already ordered a couple of books from amazon, while taking advantage of their free shipping for 1 month.

Measurable: How about 1 book in 2 months! I'm a pretty slow reader, so I hope 2 months / book will give me ample time to cover 6 books by the end of this year!

2.  To add more variety in what I cook

Measurable: To try a new recipe every month. That would be 12 recipes a year! My online cooking teacher is moving to another country where there would be good food galore! I don't know if she'd continue to cook as often as before. So if any of you readers out there have any great recipes, let me know!

3. To spend my time wisely

Measurable: No more than 1.5 hrs of Facebook / Email / mindless Internet activity everyday. I wish there's some form of alarm system for Facebook which would automatically log me off after a certain amount of time. I know that 1.5hrs might sound like a lot for most of you, but I can spend the whole day mindlessly surfing!

4. To be more consistent with my blogging

Measurable: About 2-3 evenly-paced out entries throughout the week. I know that I have spurts of creativity and inspiration when I blog consecutively for 4/5 days as well as dry spells when I find it difficult to churn out even 1 or 2 meaningful blog entries per week. I'm still working on that.

Would love to hear from you. What do you like about my blog? And what would you like me to blog more about? Of course I will still end up blogging what's on my heart, but its good to get some feedback!

Ok, I think 4 goals are enough for my 2011. Always good to blog about it so I know how well / badly I did by the end of the year!


Toyin O. said...

These are great resolutions, thanks for sharing.

Pris said...

Thanks dear! :)
Soooo nice to get one comment on my blog after a while!


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