Monday, August 30, 2010

Singaporean - German union

Summer is a time for weddings. Ok, so it hasn't been much of a summer this year. Weather's been erratic, with days when temperatures soared higher than 35 degrees and days (like today) when temperatures hover below 20 degrees.

Last Saturday, a fellow Singaporean friend of mine got married to her long-time German boyfriend. Oh, we were sooo happy for her. They registered their marriage in Germany first before flying down to Singapore for the customary Chinese wedding.

One thing I loved about this wedding is its size. With a guest list of not more than 40 people, one felt invited to an intimate gathering of close friends, rather than the usual enormous Chinese wedding of more than 400 people, where the bridal pair hardly know 50% of the people present.

Also, my friend hand-made almost everything herself! She knitted her own wedding dress (can you believe it?) Baked her own two-tier chocolate-marzipan wedding cake, did the decorations, baked the biscuit souvenirs for the guests and God knows what else.

Many of her friends teased her that she didn't have a "real" full-time job, for her to have done all the things she did. My opinion? She's one immensely-talented lady, who possess all the skills one needs to be an accomplished home-maker, while still being a gem at the workplace. Her hubby is one lucky guy!

Here's wishing the two of them all the best in the many years ahead, with plenty of shared adventures and love along the way!
Home-baked biscuits with the bridal couple's names imprinted on it and a personalized card
The nice cozy cafe where the wedding was held
Left: With the lovely bride and her self-knitted wedding dress
Right: My lovely hubby who drove back from Munich to Stuttgart just for the wedding. He had to wake up at 5am the next day, just to drive back to Munich again to teach for the day. I wore my other Cheong Sam that I bought in Singapore.
Hand-made decorations: A chandelier, childhood photos hanged on the windows, party name banner
The aesthetically beautiful and mouth-watering cake, with its proud maker
What a cool idea! We had to think about well wishes to write for the bridal party, after which we used this digital camera to take a photo of ourselves and the photo would be printed out for us to paste it onto the guestbook. The couple would then have a ready-made guestbook with photos by the end of the wedding


Manis said...

I love yr dress, traditional aber sexy. hihi..i have bright green chongsam but they don't fit anymore! sad!!!!

Pris said...

Thanks dear Manis! :)
I love my dress too...oh you have a cheongsam too? Yeah, I know cheongsams are tight!!!! Can you alter your cheongsam so you can wear it again? YOu have a sewing machine now right? hee.


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