Sunday, August 29, 2010

Short weekend getaway to Munich

My hubby teaches in Munich once in a while. Although I really like Munich, I have not joined him very often because the city is not cheap and one does not necessarily have to spend the additional money earned on a Saturday, on a hotel room for an additional night.

Two weekends ago, however, I decided to tag along because we felt that we both needed to be away. Away from Stuttgart. Away from work. Away from walking around in our apartment and taking mental notes of what still has to be done.

This is not my first trip to Munich. I think it could well be my 3rd.

I know that I tend to rave about Munich but really, I think I'm pretty happy just visiting the city whenever we want to, because I'm quite settled in Stuttgart. I've got my friends, my church and I know how to get the things I need around here.

Job-wise, I could easily relocate to Munich because there are 4 branches of my school there. However, hubby's job is not based anywhere close to Munich, so Stuttgart is still going to be my home base.

Yeah, the hustle and bustle, the massive throngs of people flooding the streets and the big city feel is something that I still miss and pine for (sometimes).

Perhaps the initial awe of the city has worn off, but I have begun to notice some not so pleasant traits of the "M√ľncheners" - as they call them here. Politeness is certainly not their forte and this has been confirmed by both personal experience and by the opinions of other Germans about their Bayerish fellow countrymen.

The number of good-looking, slim women with mega long and gorgeous legs, who knowingly flaunted them in their hot pants was astounding! I suppose part of the reason could be attributed to the warm weather after a week of gloomy and cold temperatures.

Munich could easily be the New York of Germany. Fashion. Food. Culture. Nature. New York was the one place in the U.S. that I remembered thinking to myself, "Wow, the girls are pretty hot here". hah.

Still, Munich is very beautiful and we took advantage of the gorgeous weather to snap away....
Love self-taken portrait shots!
Some gorgeous summer flowers 
Beautiful building along the main shopping street
Some artist painting his own impression of the city centre in Munich
All the expensive boutiques lining the street
Oh man, one should see all the cars that drive down the expensive shopping streets. It is indeed a show-off place
In front of the historical City Hall with the musical Glockenspiel
Different sights in Munich is a time when both of us can drink cocktails together. Usually the driver would have to forego his share of this indulgence
A trip to Munich won't be complete without a visit to the Beer Garden... Met up with my fellow Singaporean and her German hubby. That's why Munich does feel like a home away from home cos I have friends there. :)

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