Friday, July 30, 2010

Paris part 1- The City of Love (Night scenes)

We're moving house at the moment. Packed and moved a lot of the miscellaneous movable stuff last Tuesday with the help of our lovely cell group. :) The furniture and heavy-duty items would have to wait until Saturday when we are renting a huge truck.

For now, I'm in no-man's land. Our current place is so empty that I can hear echoes when I speak while our new place is just filled with boxes. My kitchen's gone so I can't do any cooking. Internet in new place is only going to function sometime next week. We might leave one table in our old house just so that I can access the Internet! - How desperate am I?

With nothing much I can do now, I decided that I should blog about my Paris trip! We went to Paris some time back in May, but that feels like ages ago! It was an awesome trip when we managed to meet up with some of our French friends whom we got to know in Canada while on exchange. They were V.I.Ps at our wedding in Singapore too, which makes it 4 years since we last saw them.

This structure needs no introduction. After a gazilion shots, this was the best one (it looks like a cross on top of it right??) We didn't go up to the top, but admiring it from below was good enough! Apparently it sparkles for 5 mins at the beginning of every hour. We were running like crazy to catch the sparkling lights but we didn't realize that Paris is THAT huge! What looked like a short distance turned out to be a marathon! - sorta
The view of the tower from our hotel. Amazing colours don't you think?
The Louvre at night, where the Da Vinci code was filmed

This place is beyond massive! Art fans can apparently buy 2-day passes, because its really impossible to finish looking through everything in one day! We were so tired that we decided to make a beeline for the Mona Lisa, took a photo, finished looking through one wing of the building and left! Talk about being cultural people. 
The bridge we crossed while on our way to the Louvre
The Parliament house just opposite the bridge on the way to the Louvre

And yes, Paris really is very romantic, esp. at night! Just stick to the tourist areas. We still have sooo many photos to share! I hope these photo teasers would whet your appetite to come back for more! Oh and found such a gem of a hotel too!


Precious Gems said...

Thanks for showing your lovely photos. Paris is somewhere I have always wanted to see and experience. Might do so this year :)

Pris said...

Precious Gems - Hey you're fast! :) Yeah, Paris is sooo beautiful! Really worth going... esp. if you speak some French.

Beau Lotus said...

Ah you know why I love Paris...

I used to walk along the Seine river in the every early morning and tell myself how lucky I was to be living in the city. So much history and all.

I've gone up the Eiffel Tower a few times and even lunched at the Jules Verne up there. Lovely experiences. It's about 30 minutes' walk from my flat.

Bel said...

good luck with moving!

Pris said...

Hey Serene
I'm sure you can appreciate Paris much more than I, being a fluent French-speaking yourself. Is your apartment 30mins from the Eiffel Tower? Wow! I think we should really go up to the top of the Eiffel Tower the next time we go back to Paris. I guess its just one of the "must dos" in Paris. :)

Pris said...

Bel - Thanks dear!!! :) We just got internet connection today but we seriously wireless if not I will have to sit on the floor of our walkway all the time!!! The phone connection is in such a weird position.


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