Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More than Words

I married a tax advisor.

Needless to say, I didn't expect an ultra-romantic Romeo singing love songs to me or writing me love poems.

Still, every now and then, this same guy manages to surprise me by his actions that makes me fall in love with him all over again!

Just to show you where he put the words on - The kitchen table, somewhere I'll definitely see it. Can't tell you how much it made my day! I didn't remove it for 2 days!

He used the remaining hearts that I had from wrapping up my friend's wedding present (previous post) and simply formed some words with them!

Aren't the best things in life for free???

And in line with this post's title, here's the song for you too!


Jie Jie said...

Aaaaawww... That's disgustingly cute... 'Cute' because it is - 'disgusting' because it's my bro! :)

And the song is one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITES!

See you real soon - in London for a change!

jie jie x

Pris said...

Hey Jie Jie! :)

So great to be able to see you real soon! And yay! That you're still in London when we're going there! hah, I think I will type a similar message when my brothers are older and are married to their wives!!!

Let's catch up in London! Heard from Mummy about all the great stuff going on for you!

Love the song too!
Mei Mei

Jie Jie said...


can you let me know what the plan is asap, please? Have quite a few things on hold at the moment as it's bank holiday on Monday and most of my friends are out and want me to come. And it's not easy to plan when I don't know when and if I'm going to see you. I don't even know when you are landing or when you are leaving. :)


Jie Jie

Pris said...

Hey JieJie!
Tut mir leid! Wir haben irgendwie noch nicht unseren Reiseplan geplant!!! Wir kommen auf jeden Fall am 30.4 (Freitag Abend) und gehen dann am 5.5 nach Paris.

Ich schicke dir ein Email ok?


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