Monday, April 26, 2010

Love weddings!

Left: Candid shot of my beanie outside the church. Love how he looks in a suit! Plus the "what are you doing" look written all over his face!

We attended another church wedding last week. The brother of one of our youth cell members, who happened to work at Stephan's company for a while, got married to his sweetheart.

The weather was glorious! We had the first day of real sunshine after a whole week of rain. The church ceremony took place at a old church in Vaihingen and once again, I'm astounded by the beauty and majesty of the architecture here.

I have to admit though, attending weddings in Germany make me wonder if it would have been a good idea after all to have had a wedding in Germany. I guess we wouldn't have been able to afford it after all, but oh boy! The photos that one could have taken in the wedding dress! Hah, now you know how superficial I am....

Here's wishing you, Benny & Bekka all of God's manifold blessings, love and joy to hold both of you together through the mountains, valleys, storms and rainbows of life. May you realize that you two are the best gifts God could have given to each of you, as you experience adventure together.
The church had superb acoustics. They had a choir and a live orchestra playing the wedding march as well as other songs.

That's the orchestra that played behind the church. Look at the huge organ! Just like in the movies!
Beautiful floral decoration. :)
After the church, we had some photo-taking with "camping" props. That's my friends, Kerstin, Geli and her hubby Hansi in the photo.

In front of a Fachwerk Haus (the house in the background)
What's a European wedding without a Horse Carriage eh? What a classic shot!
Close-up of the newly-weds!
This was where we had the dinner! In a Castle! So idyllic right?
My self-made present for the newly weds. Chocs, money and a card tastefully wrapped up in clear foil, with a heart-shaped baking form as a base and some hearts to top it off. In Germany, one doesn't just give money in a red packet, one presents the money in some artistic fashion so that it looks like a real present!
This is why we didn't have a fake wedding cake at our wedding due to hubby's insistence. In Germany, the wedding cakes are all home-baked and edible! All 4 layers!
The desert table is the best!!! Just like in a hotel
Finally some close-up shots of the couple! B&B - Benny and Bekka
Left: With Ari and Ina (some of my cell girls). Can you tell that I'm 7 yrs older than them??
Right: With Claudia, we went skiing together in February.


letti said...

wow, what a beautiful wedding :) And you girls looked fabulous! Oh, and yeah, the straw mushrooms WERE from a can :P

covnitkepr1 said...

Man, what a wedding
I’ve enjoyed looking over your blog. I came across it through another blog I follow. I am now a follower of yours as well. Feel free to look over my blog and perhaps become one as well.

Pris said...

Hey Letti! :)
Thanks a lot! And thanks for the tip on straw mushrooms! Now I know what to add to my stir-fried broccolis!

Pris said...

Hey covnitkepr1!

THanks for popping by my blog!:) I popped by your blog but haven't left any comment yet, because I have yet to finish reading that post! Will read it later!

Manis said...

oh yes, am remembering my wedding cake in Deutschland. we can even request for different flavours without extra chargers. So cool. now i have to dig my wedding cake picture again. miss them! haha.

Anonymous said...

looking good in that dress again. You are definitely getting your money's worth with so many occasions to wear that dress over and over again!

Pris said...

Hey Anonymous!
Yeah! That's the Singaporean side of me! But on the other hand, the last time I wore that dress was last summer! So its about time!!! Don't get to wear summer dresses very often here in Europe. :)

Beau Lotus said...

The dress does indeed flatter you, Pris.

I didn't have a cake for my wedding, in France it's often a pièce-montée (with choux pastry) that we have and ours was very expensive and wasted (no one could eat anymore by then)...

Pris said...

Hey Serene!
Thanks babe! ;) Anything to hide the fats!!! I would have loved to attend your wedding!!! Have never been to a French wedding before!


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