Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Frenchine (French + Fine) Dining in Strasbourg

When we were at Strasbourg, we found 2 really cool restaurants. Upon our hotel's recommended, we headed for a French place where mainly locals frequented. Cool thing is that we savoured local delicacies without the whole "tourist" trap, bad thing was that the menu was only in French! The waitress, though very gorgeous in a French way, couldn't speak a word of English. Hence, we took a look around the room and pointed at the dishes that this Japanese couple ordered and basically just asked for the same thing! Right down to the same desserts too!
The small quaint restaurant recommended by the hotel staff. Thumbs up for that though!
So enjoy our 二人世界 (two people world) with nice, long romantic dinners in a beautiful French city.
My starter: Fresh Salmon with green salad and something black. I don't mean to sound non-savvy, but we didn't understand French and we have never eaten Caviar before. So are those small black balls caviar???

My sweetie opted for the typical French starter: Escargot in some crust pastry and cream sauce. They tasted like expensive mushrooms. I still have to psycho myself to think that they are simply mushrooms before I can swallow them.
I would like to tell you exactly what this was, but I don't speak French and didn't remember the name either. It was grilled chicken with potato gratin and some mushrooms as sides.

The hubby opted for some beef steak

I had some melted chocolate in ice-cream combi. Absolutely perfect. The hot chocolate and cold vanilla ice-cream created magic on my taste buds!

My sweetie had some crust pastry (not fantastic) with sorbet
See the blackboard thing in the background? That's the Menu in French.
Ok that's our French waitress. The restaurant was so small that she was the only one serving us. She's really pretty in real life, I guess photography didn't do justice to her looks.

Au Cruchon
11, Rue des Pucelles
67000 Strasbourg


Tina said...

Yes that was definately Caviar! Wow everything looks delicious. That is why French are called to know how to live ("savoir vivre") or the qhoute "living like god in France" - its the food and the way the celebrate it in an real menu

Pris said...

Hey Tina! Wow, you're not just a fashion expert, but a food expert too! Yay, now at least I can say that I have eaten Caviar before!! :) Yes yes, do go to Strasbourg for your birthday! **Hope Frank doesn't strangle me for encouraging you!**


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