Friday, April 16, 2010

Sushi Heaven in Strasbourg

We found this amazing, beyond incredible Japanese restaurant right in the middle of Strasbourg! Its the best Jap restaurant we have ever visited in Europe! Ok, that sounds really exaggerated, but honestly, Stuttgart isn't the best place for sushi. The only one that serves good sushi is beyond expensive. The enjoyment of savouring fresh sashimi is somewhat nullified by the heart-wrenching exorbitant prices....ouch.

So, can you imagine our excitement when we happened to walk pass this Japanese restaurant while on our way for our French food (previous post)? We almost wanted to walk straight into the Jap place and cancel our reservation at the French place! Oh boy, that's so unclassy, but that was how tempted we were!!!!

Each time we go back to Singapore, our first meal is always Sushi Tei. This time round in June won't be much different, I suppose.

Oh boy. That salmon sashimi dish was beyond mouth-watering!!! So much salmon for only 14€!I took a pix of that green tea, because its only in Europe that you find green tea from a packet at a Jap. restaurant! I miss my freshly-brewed green tea! And the prawns were grilled over open fire!!!

To compare, we paid 85€ at the French restaurant and 45€ at this Japanese restaurant at Strasbourg. Our last visit to the über-expensive place in Stuttgart left us with 70€ less! ....Now can you understand why we're swooning over this place?
And the ambience of the restaurant was even nice too!

Guess what the funny thing was? I thought that the waitresses were Japanese so we tried to converse in English at first. However, they couldn't speak English so Stephan tried in French. After a few tries, I realized that they were speaking Chinese! So I happily placed our orders in Chinese. Who would have known that not German, not English but Chinese would help me to be understood in a place like Strasbourg in Europe!!!! Wahhahahahah.

We didn't have problems understanding the menu because they had English words as well as detailed pictures. However, it was still good to have a medium of communication when making special requests like extra spoons.
That's Salmon Sashimi heaven....! About 14€.

That's an assortment of barbecued meat over real fire! Reason why I say that is because most restaurants here use an electric stove. Love the charred taste of meat.

All that sushi!!! And they came in sets. We ordered sushi with avocado and crab meat together with the barbecued meat for about only 14€!

Everything was so delicious! Finally a Jap restaurant that tastes similar to Sushi Tei back in Singapore! And the salmon sashimi was sooo fresh too! And generous! And reasonably-priced! Did I already tell you that we went there for dinner and were so overwhelmed that we decided to have lunch there again the next day! You can bet that we'll visit this restaurant every time we go to Strasbourg!



Tina said...

You look so pretty in this chanel style jacket and your hair back! Hahaha I asked Frank to make me a birthday gift contending of a visit to Straßbourg to the Sushi restaurant and Naf Naf :)) he wasn't to excited about it - we'll see ;))

lilacdropsofdew said...

The sushi looks great pris! Glad you found a nice sushi restaurant .. totally understand the japanese food cravings! andrea

Pris said...

Dearest Tina!
Guess what? That "chanel style jacket" is actually from Pimkie!!! And they were bought at 50% off! So happy with this buy. I bought them before Christmas last yr. Thanks dear for your compliment! Ohhh, Strasbourg is SOOO nice! We could go there together! I do hope that Frank brings you there though!

Pris said...

Dear Andrea!
Thanks! :) You should have great sushi in Shanghai too, no?? Yeah, this is the only Jap restaurant that is a sushi lifesaver...but pity, its still a full 1.5hrs-drive away.


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