Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Turning the big 60

Last Sunday, Anita celebrated 60 years of being an Earth citizen - or Erdenbürger as what they call it here. Isn´t that cool? Earth citizen. After 3 days of intensive spiritual food, we were treated to a LOT of physical food.  We had brunch at 10am, which consisted of a wide assortment of bread, ham, salmon, fish as well as warm appetizers like those above. I believe they were Feta cheese and some delicious baked pastry.
2 hours later, we had lunch - Meat galore! We had a few types of meat, like turkey, beef, ham and cheese etc in 3 difference sauces; Mushroom, beef and some tomato Mediterranean sauce.
Look at the amount of presents Anita got!
This present has got to be the most creative present one! A 2-million dollar present! Remember what I said about Germans being super creative? This is why!

The superb dessert! Chocolate / Vanilla mousse....

All the guests....some ladies were sweet enough to recite a poem for Anita, who was moved to tears.

The beautiful room with a great view of a snow-coloured football field. You can tell the difference between Western table arrangement and Asian eh?

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Anita! :) Du bist die beste Schwiegermutter der Welt! Ich bin Gott so dankbar, dass Er mir so eine tolle Schatz als Schwiegermutter schenkt! Wir hoffen, dass du dein Geschenk von uns magst und dass Gott dich offenbart, wie viel Er dich liebt! :)

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag auch Werner! :) Danke, dass mein Superhero bist! - Wenn du mich immer wieder von verschiedenen Notfällen rettest! Gott liebt dich und wir auch! Gönnt dir was Gutes mit deinem Geschenk!

(Can you guess what I said?)



60 is starting to sound young to this Old Geezer.

Earth citizen is very cool!
But I think 'temporary' Earth citizen might be more appropriate for a Christian.
For we know our real citizenship is in Heaven.

God bless you, Ron

BTW, thanks for your great comments on my blog.

Pris said...

Hey Ron!
Thanks for your comment too! Could you recommend some good blogs that you follow? I´m trying to look for great blogs to follow - Christian and preferably East-meets-West blogs. Any ideas?

Oh, yeah Resident Aliens - as my church in Singapore used to call us. But that´s unfortunately a term that only Christians identify with. So can´t use that term for everybody though.

GBU2 - God bless you too!

Manis said...

i love the golden BIG O birthdays.. 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 so on and on...... grand one, esp in Germany. i wonder mine wld be like that! hahaha. good food, fun friends and families and i bet u had a blast pris!

Pris said...

Dear Manis
It was nice to celebrate with my in-laws! Eh, but a bit difficult to talk to the people who were at the party, cos I don´t know any of them and different generation lah. But yeah, the food was nice!


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