Monday, February 01, 2010

Like water to a thirsty (wo)man.....

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We´ve been relatively busy since last Thursday.

Bayless Conley, a well-known, American Tele-evangelist came to Germany and preached at our church over 3 days during our annual leaders´summit.

It was nothing short of AWESOME! I really looked forward to every session.

Actually, I´m quite sad now that its over! I could imagine life consisting of just going from one sermon to the next. Every word he said was like water in a desert. I drank up every drop of wisdom, truth and revelation explained with such clear clarity and passion.

This guy might be an evangelist, but he´s sooo deep in the word too. He weaved poetry from "typical Bible stories". For those who know the Bible, he used the story of Hezekiah - a righteous king who fell sick and pleaded with God to extend his life, to talk about sharing Christ and leaving a legacy for the next generation.

This story is commonly used to talk about how God heals diseases but so many nuggets of hidden truth can be found if one would but dig hard enough. And Bayless did. I just happily reaped the rewards of his labour. Of course self-found truth is always the best, like how home-cooked food always taste better than those served to us in restaurants, I´m inspired by Bayless to dig deep into the word.

And his stories. Oh man. His stories. He is such an awesome story-teller! I can picture him as a father, tucking his children into bed by telling them one Bible escapade after the next and his children being fixated to the storyline and clutching their blankets at every twist and turn as the plot unfolds.

There were 1,000 leaders all over Germany who attended the conference. And all of us (or should I rather speak for myself) were so entralled by the story of the Bible. It was like the book became alive! No longer was the Bible merely a lifeless, historical book with stories passed from one generation to the next.

On the contrary, it is like a Hollywood Blockbuster that spanned generations - An epic movie. A classic. An oscar-winning production. Directed by none other than God Himself and starring every single person who chooses to place his / her life under His creative expertise. Each unique life - a golden thread in His tapestry.

During the conference, I had to remember why I reminisice my YWAM days with such fondness. That´s because we were immersed day-after-day, hour-after-hour in the word of God - In truth, in stories written in heaven but played on earth, in miracles, in the supernatural and everyday events of life.

And these stories awaken something in my heart that tells me this is how life is meant to be lived! Like what Bayless said, people need to be caught up in a cause bigger than themselves. And this cause can only be fulfilled by God because He was the one who placed a God-shaped vacuum in the fabric of our beings in the first place.

Like how one director produces different films with different genre and themes. No matter how different these films are or when they were produced, the style of the master is so evident that one never fails to recognize who the director was.

God stories are so crazily different from one person to the next that my spirit of adventure is always desiring for more. The more I´m told, the more I desire to be told. I see the hand of God at work in peoples´ lives and I so desire to have that for myself.

I guess you can tell how much I really loved it! There were 3 sermons by Him altogether. I shall take my time to absorb what I´ve been taught and will endeavour to summarize them into bite-sized portions so that you can benefit from them too.

The tales of ordinary people, both in the past and present, who serve an extraordinary God.

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