Monday, February 15, 2010

Skiing in Arlberg, Austria - Day 1

Top: The view from our house. Do you notice the glittering snow?

We left Stuttgart on Saturday and arrived in Arlberg, Austria after about 3.5 hours. The streets were clear and we managed to get to our destination earlier than expected. This was such a difference compared to our skiing trip last year, when we were stuck in massive traffic jams (a 5-hr journey took almost 9 hrs!)

Deciding to make full use of time there, we decided to ski for half a day. It was snowing so heavily and they didn´t smoothen the snow. Which meant that after 1 full year of not skiing, my second attempt at skiing was on really steep slopes, with uneven snow! I was sooo freaked out!
Our beautiful Ferienwohnung - holiday house. It costs us only 45€ per couple per night, complete with a kitchenette, living room and 2 bedrooms.
(Clockwise) Our bedroom, where we joined the beds, the well-stocked kitchen and the living room

Before I went skiing. Still all smiley and cheery and excited! We went skiing with the Kerns, Claudia and Mattanja.

That´s me being SUPER exhausted on the way down to the valley of the Alps, upon the persuasion of my beloved hubby. It took me like 1.5 hrs! I was so petrified at one pt that a ski instructor had to help me remove my skis so that I can walk down an ultra steep part!

My sei hubby and superb ski instructor! ... More snow photos coming up later!


irene said...

hey Pris,

Happy Chinese New Year...I did prawns too this year...if you understand cantonese, it is Ha ha siew...

Baked a little pineapple tarts too and some cakes... Looked like you had a swell time in skiing...Take care Pris and God bless...

Pris said...

Thanks! Same to you Irene! :) I dun understand Cantonese though! Could you post recipes of your food on your blog? Would be great to see what ingredients you use to cook / make your food!
Yeah! Skiing was a blast! :) Take care and God bless you too!

Beau Lotus said...

Your holiday rental certainly looked great and seemed very reasonably-priced.

Did you have alot of snow? At which altitude was your station?

Which colour slopes did you ski on? I was told that skiing in Austria is beautiful, I must try to organise a stay there next season.

Ha ha siew means laugh alot. That's what you're doing, love.

Manis said...

how was the skiing? scary? my B always wanted to take me to skiing holiday and i said, not yet lah! donnoh lehh... is it too cold?!

Pris said...

Hey Serene!
OH I had no idea "ha Ha siew" means laugh a lot! I sorta thought it had smth to do with "siew mai"!

We had SUPER a lot of snow, 210cm at the summit and 100cm down in the villages. Altitude, Lech was1450m (4,756ft), Zürs 1720m (5,642ft)-2450m (8,036ft). We went skiing at both places. I dunno if that´s high, but Lech is one of the most posh places to ski in Austria.

Dear, I only stuck to the blue slopes. Very steep liao. I personally found the blue slopes in Austria were just as steep as the red ones in Italy when we were there last year.

Great that you can ski down all the red slopes! I´d need more practice to do that.

Pris said...

Manis - GO learn how to ski lah! Very fun one! You will definitely enjoy it! :) Esp. if you love speed. Ok, my right knee is still hurting from skiing, but I would still stay that its worth it!


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