Thursday, February 04, 2010

Just like in Singapore.....

After my first experience with crabs last week, I told myself that I had to cook it again. So this time round, I bought another brand of crabs that I found at the Asian store and guess what? They were so H.U.G.E! The pincers were just like those of Sri Lankan crabs. I think these crabs were from Vietnam, but I´m not very sure.

And this time, I didn´t fry the spices for a long time. Only about 2-3 mins until they were cooked and I mixed them with the crabs really quickly.

Don´t you think they look like those at seafood restaurants?

I teamed up the crabs with some simple deep-fried tofu with garlic chives (seasoned with soya sauce, oyster sauce and sesame oil)

The final product served with warm jasmine rice.....Ooh, I couldn´t stop eating it!

The hubby still needs time to get used to ever-difficult-to-eat crabs AND we still need to get our nutcracker. Other than that, I think I´m pretty satisfied with my 2nd attempt at Black Pepper Crabs!

Recipe here.



I think they look great!

Your not only a good cook, but you are also a very good photographer

God bless you, Ron

Beau Lotus said...

They look very pro and absolutely delicious!!!!!

Next time I see you you cook me that!

Pris said...

Thanks Ron! :) I´m trying to make the best out of what I have - both food-wise as well as digital-camera-wise.

Pris said...

Thanks 师夫!
Sure thing! I´ll cook that for you and you can bring me my Due Vittorie Balsamic Vinegar! I can´t seem to find that anywhere here.... *sob*

letti said...

that looks totally amazing!

Anonymous said...

glad i eat those last week! hahahaha... well done pris, it looks exactly like the food i ate at Jumbo seafood:)

Pris said...

Thanks Letti! :) They are really easy to make too!

Pris said...

Manis - Thanks for your "Jumbo" compliment! They do look very nice. Really happy with the result! Thanks for inspiring me to cook crabs from your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hey Priscilla,
How do you make the garlic chives. Do you stir fry it with the oyster sauce, etc. or do you blanch them, drain and toss with the sauce? Thanks!


Pris said...

Hi Candy!

Hah I can't really remember anymore! I think I fried garlic with sesame oil, then added the chives and stir-fried them with oyster sauce and soya sauce. Something like that! I definitely stir-fried everything.


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