Thursday, December 31, 2009

Snapshots of our Christmas

In front of the huge Christmas tree in church. I was wearing my new "Chanel-lookalike" suit from Pimkie that was bought at 50% discount!

In front of the Christmas tree at my in-laws with a sick hubby. My hubby was sick the entire time that my friends were in Germany. Don´t ask me how I managed to hold the fort by myself. Perhaps that´s why I´m sick now. Have a fever at 38.6 degrees and slight cough. Such a bummer! I was sick last New Year´s Eve too! Really hope it doesn´t become a tradition that I fall sick on the last day of the year!

Raclette with a bit of twist. This time we had 2 raclette sets so we decided to have an Asian side and a Western side. Needless to say, the Asian side had seafood like prawns, grilled vegetables etc. The western one had the typical grilled pork. I really love my new raclette set!

The present opening took forever! This was the first time we saw SO many presents under the Christmas tree! I bought a Nespresso coffee set for my sweetie, knowing that he literally adores this! If only I can grow to like coffee....guess for now decaf. would have to do for me.

Look at the immense number of presents under the tree!

Had a great time with you! Thanks for visiting! Till London!

The joy one derives upon seeing the expression on peoples´faces that they like their presents is priceless!

This is the coffee machine I bought. Its red and comes with a milk foam machine.Now I just need to read the instructions on how to make Latte Macchiato / Cappuccino...

Yet another Christmas with my beanie


Xmas Gift said...

Have you bought a new winter coat for yourself for Christmas since Oct last year? Hope you do and like it very much...

Pris said...

Xmas Gift
I did buy a new black autumn-winter coat for myself but am still trying to decide if I should keep it. :)

Beau Lotus said... got yourself a Nespresso machine! And the one I like too :-)

Try the abricot coffee capsules, I just bought some yesterday and they were really nice.

Pris said...

Hey S.! Thanks for the recommendation! Will try to remember it! Are those apricot capsules special for Christmas?

Beau Lotus said...

Actually I don't know, but they came out with a series of 3 flavours : abricot, pain d'├ępices and marrons glac├ęs - come to think of it, the answer must be yes as they are very Christmas flavours in France.


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