Wednesday, December 30, 2009

German Christmas Markets

We had visitors over for Christmas. Belinda, who came last year, visited us again - her 2nd time. :) Other than my Dad, she´s the only repeat visitor to our little Stuttgart city. Cynthia and her hubby decided to spend Christmas with us, so they popped by our place in the middle of their honeymoon. Ain´t that so cool? For the first time, we had 4 Singaporeans and 4 Germans at one dining table.
Above: A shop that sells "wild boar specialities"
We brought them to the Esslingen Christmas market which has the medieval theme. Its smaller than that in Stuttgart, but more interesting in terms of the choice of food and things you can do. There´s even a play section where children and adults alike can take part in fun-fair type of games.

A rare photo of all 5 of us. Pity that the photo was a bit shaky

Enjoying a cup of Glühwine (warm herbal wine) with my sweetie. The Glühwine warms up your stomach immediately! Sweet, warm but very lethal!

One of the many beautiful stores there

All that medieval pottery and hands-on tools. The little boy was giving the man a helping hand in sawing the wood 

Me and my dear friend Belinda at the Christmas market in Stuttgart. So thankful it wasn´t  freezing on that day - about zero degrees.

That´s super yummilicious desserts! The one on the left is some fried potato pancakes with apple jam-custard (Kartoffel Puffer mit Apfelmus) and the one on the right is some dough with vanilla sauce and cinnamon sprinkled on it (Germ Knödeln) Must-haves at Christmas markets!

That´s the massive Christmas tree in Stuttgart, in front of the city hall

As I said, German Christmas markets are world-class. Never get tired of it, even though its my 4th Christmas here now. :) The smell of cinnamon, roasted nuts, crepes, barbecued sausages, Glühwine permeating the air is enough to send you to 7th heaven! And its such a respite from being cooped up in your house in the evenings because everything´s cold and dark after 5pm! But yeah, hubby said that the shortest day has already passed and it will only get brighter from now on!


irene said...

Nice hot chocolate drinks? Happy and Blessed New Year Pris....Thanks, mucho gracias and dunca, for telling me generally how to get in the template and change......Though did not get to stretch my blog to enlarge photos, but I LOVE the new colors i picked. Thanks heaps

Happy New Year and enjoy wonderful fellowship!!!

Pris said...

No problem Irene! Did you try to change your template? That´s the main key. :) Happy New Yr to you too! I´m sick now...blah... 38.6 fever and so giddy.


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