Monday, December 21, 2009

Revamp of my blog.... it´s about time!

As you would have noticed, I changed my blog template and finally managed to upsize my photos to XL!!!! Ohmigosh. I have my sister to thank really. It was through her that I realized that there´s such a thing as "XL" photos. The old template only offered S,M,L sizes but no XL. That´s when I went on the hunt for updates of blogger features and went to change my template too!

Can´t tell you how much joy and excitement I have right now!!! Its ALWAYS been my dream to have BIG photos! However, there´s too many photos to upsize. Hence, I´ve only changed the sizes of my holiday photos.... Do take a look here! They look awesome! Suddenly the pictures almost look 3-D!

How do you like the new look? Enjoy the last few days to Christmas! We´re picking up 3 of my friends tomorrow who will spend Christmas with us.

We went to the Porsche Arena last week to watch "Holiday on Ice". It has always been my dream to watch ice-skating shows live and this was a superb first-ever experience for us.
Even the hubby who had to be persuaded to go for this show agreed that he was impressed by the overall performance of the cast. The storyline was blah-blah, relating to some futuristic finding-an energy-source inside of you theme, but the other stuff was great!
Great performance, props and sound effects. This reminds me of Christmas in Singapore when I would usually watch Ice-skating shows on TV. So its really cool that I get to do it in real-life in Germany. :)


Manis said...

YES finally!!! pris love yr blog skin makeover.. fresh and yes can see the pictures better!!

Cory said...

Nice revamp and lovely pictures too! you are always so hardworking with your blog, Pris.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!
I will not be able to make it to Germany in Feb next year due to new plans at work, but perhaps during spring! I will keep you informed!

Pris said...

Hey Manis, :) Thank you! Was inspired by your huge pictures on your blog too! Thanks! Makes it worth while when I know that others appreciate the change too!

Pris said...

Hey Cory! :) Thank you very much! HOw´s your working in China? Enjoying it more? Do you get any access to FB / blogger? You´re always welcomed in Germany! Come visit! We´re having 3 guests over stuff, just went to Christmas markets in Esslingen today.

Bern said...

Nice. I like how the collage of pictures on top all have the same sky blue background.

Steph said...

We love your blog's new look ! The XL photos truly make a difference ! What a pleasure looking at them again.
JC wants to learn how you did it. Next time I see u online, do share your tricks of the trade ;)

Enjoy your visitors and all the fun and merrymaking during this wonderful festive season.

Cory said...

Hey Pris, as you can see how 'active' I am so far on blogs and FB... limited access in China for FB and blogs!
So far it is fine except that it gets really cold here and I heard that it is getting colder in January... NO!!! :-)

Pris said...

Hey Bern! :) Cool to read your comment on my blog! Thanks for the compliment. I didn´t even realize that the photos on top have the same sky colour! Cool now that you have mentioned it!

Pris said...

Hi dear Steph! No tricks lah. So simple. When I tell you, you´d be like wah, so easy one! Oh, but I do use blogger though, so they have a few default templates to play around with. Sure! We can chat online and I can tell you how I did it.

Pris said...

Dear Cory! Cynthia´s over here now. Amazing how I got to know Cynthia from you! Yeah heard from Cyn that Shanghai´s cold really goes right into your bones. Get really thick windbreakers! Hope you find a way to navigate around the restrictions of China. How on earth do you access blogger now then? Are you on holiday?


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