Friday, November 13, 2009

Duck noodles revisited

Dinner today was duck noodles. Really fast and tasty.

I cooked Mee Reebus sometime this week (from Prima Taste) and realized to my disappointment that the hubby doesn´t like the taste of it. He ended up having frozen pizza baguette and I had to eat up the entire portion by myself, spread out over 2 days of course!

As I had used too much noodles for this meal, I had to think up of something quick to use the leftover noodles before they spoilt.

I had some frozen duck in my fridge (from Aldi) and decided to make duck noodles! Great choice I must say. Managed to finish up the noodles, duck AND frozen vegetables that were sitting in the freezer for quite a while.

I used the usual garlic, onion, light soya sauce and flavoured the noodles with a packet of duck flavouring that I had got from a friend of mine a l-o-n-g time ago. The duck was done after grilling it for 30 mins in the oven. Strongly recommended!

Yup! One dish and I got rid of 4 different types of food.

**What a sense of accomplishment**! heehee. Isn´t cooking always a mad cycle of getting rid of food in the fridge and stocking it up so that there is food again?

What it looked like when served in individual portions


irene said...

Hey Pris,

Looks yum and i did not realise they have frozen duck. Ouch about your needle. Try also using those expander or go to a shop and ask them to just stretch your shoes.

Am contemplating if i should make some gingerbread man cookies for my Medan trip. Quite a bit on my plate of recent, but God will sustain what He puts(or even i myself put on my plate).

Take care and God bless

Manis said...

Ich mag ente essen!

Pris said...

Hey Irene
Thks for your comments! Yeah, you can find almost anything frozen here. I will try to expand my shoes, just haven´t gotten down to doing it yet!

Gingerbread man sounds great! :)
Have a great Sunday!

Pris said...

Manis - Ich auch! Aber es ist immer sooo viel Arbeit, Ente zu kochen. Deswegen Aldi ist schon gut!


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