Monday, September 07, 2009

Its sooo cold!

The weather has taken a sudden turn for the cold! Brrr. We went for an engagement party last Saturday, since another 2 of youths are going to tie the knot next year. I didn´t think it would be that cold, so I decided to wear my new skirt (from Munich).

We didn´t read the invitation properly and didn´t know that the party would be outdoors in the garden. Everything was romantic and cozy, food was just great but oh boy...was I freezing!

It was 11 degrees outdoors! We had to get extra jackets from the in-laws who lived in the same town where the party was held..... I really hope that summer doesn´t die such a quick death!

Fashion for colder weather: Pink spaghetti (from Singapore), vest from H&M and black skirt from Fashion Club (Munich) with matching leggings.

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